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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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week 34 ::: romaine

The swelling is here to stay. Not sure these few images can convey it well. The baby daddy worked all weekend and only had a few minutes to help me get a quick profile of the 34 week bump. My little sprout is opening/closing eyes and can respond to light. It's a complete miracle I tell you.

I hope a wonderful week is in store for you as we say goodbye to February, and hello to spring, yes?!?


week 33 ::: pineapple

Another week down. The only new news is cankles. UGH why?! Doing extra excercises to help keep the swelling to a minimum. :/

Only 4 WEEKS until term! I can't even believe it. Starting to feel as though things are coming together (with some major spring cleaning/purging going on). Enjoy your week, everyone!


week 32 ::: fennel

8 weeks and counting people! And aren't my Jamberry nails from Heather amazing?! I also realize I should have trimmed the fennel a bit, as Baby O is about 17" tall. Seeing the fennel next to my belly I think it's a little taller...oops. Crazy thing this week, I can feel this little babe flip his/her entire body from my left to right side (and back). Boogie nights in my belly, wha?!

PS. Does anyone know recipes using fresh fennel???


week 31 ::: honeydew

Down to the single digit week countdown—only 9 weeks until I meet this little person! Yesterday was just too cold for outdoor pics. And it gives me a chance to show off a peek at the nursery paint job.

Have a great week!


week 30 ::: mini watermelon

Agh I'm so behind this week! It's more like 30.5 weeks along. My baby is now about 15" and around 2 lbs. Though the watermelon be little, it certainly feels big. As does my abdomen.

I finished up painting the nursery yay! Ever so slowly I am going to nest this little house.


week 29 ::: lettuce

I'm beginning to feel a 'little' pudgy and burnt out, haha. I'm running out of outfits, feel like the environments are ugly, and limited options for larger vege options. Hopefully I can make it work for 11 more weeks!

How was everyone's weekend? Hopefully you got an extra day off! We spent the weekend painting, which is a very GOOD thing. Feeling the crunch to get our house in order soon!


rustic baby shower

Today I get to show off MY rustic {gender neutral} baby shower! Such sweet details!

Birch straws + real birch wood = my favorite.

LOVE my invitations & party signage designed by the with-us-in-spirit, Mekala (who just updated her lovely website). 

Burlap accents & handmade paper doll garlands. To drink we had hot cider and punch, along with an array of amazing foods.

Super fun & delicious party favors of caramel popcorn.

Ahhh, so wonderful! My sweet girlfriends did such a great job, I felt so honored that day and couldn't have hoped for a better celebration.

Invitations and signage by Tie That Binds Weddings


week 28 ::: eggplant

7 months this little booger has been cooking now. Not much else going on with me. My slow work season has hit and I may need motivation to not just lay around all the time. Moving my office is going to be dreadful. Why must I accumulate so much stuff?! Though it helps knowing after the office is all things baby!

Have a great week!


week 27 ::: butternut squash

First post of 2014 and first day of my third trimester! Still in complete denial that in just over 3 months there will be another person in our family. We just got back from our two week holiday, and after a few days of catching up on work/home I plan to be full on nesting. Be ready for cuteness overload!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


week 26 ::: flowering kale

Happy week 26 to baby O! I found this pretty kale and couldn't resist using it for this weeks' baby bump update.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and now a wonderful evening to welcome in the New Year! Happy 2014 everyone!