This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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birdies and gingham {one}

Time to show you what I've been working on for months! All photography is by Amy of Shutterly Lovely. She did an AMAZING job, I just love the photos. My friends helped A LOT on many of the details, so I don't want to take all the credit. I couldn't have done it without them.

The bridal shower was held on the patio of a small coffee shop called Cafe Ventana. It rained nearly the entire time, but we were sheltered luckily. Centerpieces were squares of cut fabric, birdie name tag favors, and mason jars with coffee beans and daisies. For the guestbook, I had guests bring marriage advice on a notecard and tape it into a vintage book I picked up. The book is actually German text, which is probably better since the point is not to read it! For the shower game, I replicated this adorable quiz, (which was inspired by this). It was my favorite part, the couples' answers were SO GREAT and everyone loved the game. For prizes, the winners could choose a vintage coffee mug.

More details and images later today, don't miss it!


birdies and gingham {two}

More bridal shower fun:

For drinks we had blueberry lemonade, and of course, warm coffee from the cafe. The yummy nest/egg cupcakes were made by another co-host. The last image is of the lovely bride to be. All photography by Shutterly Lovely. Here is a list of tutorials to wrap it up:

Inspiration Board

Fancy Initials

Pom Pom Garland

Shower Prize



If you haven't heard, this week is letterpress week on oh, hello friend.
Great prizes and interviews on all things letterpress, so don't miss out.

Letterpress lessons were my first wedding anniversary gift {paper=so sweet!}, so I have been dabbling for only a few months. All of my work is done at a cooperative print shop called All Along Press. Yesterday I completed a project and wanted to share my simple explanation of letterpress.

This is a Kelsey tabletop press. In my words, an easy-to-learn-not-scary press.
The giant ones that have a thousand levers are MUCH to intimidating to me.

A custom plate makes letterpress easy peasy. Typesetting is the complicated-super-difficult-time-consuming part of letterpress. Being a slacker, I chose the easy route.

Mix up the ink. {paint is for painters, ink is for printers}

Or in my slacker case, just use black straight out of the can and ink up the roller/press.

Align paper. Test impressions. Make adjustments. Print like a crazy person.

This was WAY over-simplified—so don't fret that you paid a mere $3G for your wedding invitations.

Lastly, take great product photos and add to your shop. I want to do a simple step-by-step of how I style my photos, but this post is to long already. Soon my friends. Very soon.


april showers

Hello rain, my name is disappointment.

Sometimes life just doesn't go my way. Sometimes is goes MANY other ways, actually.
I missed the memo that the world doesn't revolve around me. In light of that, some people find ways to make the rain completely adorable.

wonderful day designs

jessie schneider

the butter flying

The weather is not my only complaint. Let's face it though, I feel lame complaining that my Bahama colored pedicure is smudged. Since I'm allowed one complaint post every
six months, I'll cash in today. Please validate my sporadic emotional tangent. Or share
a dissapointment of your own. Or not.

Luckily Monday is over and tomorrow is a new day.


wrap it up

Another week has passed. Hard to believe it is nearly May already. I am listening to
a sweet spring rain, and organizing the finishing touch/plans for tomorrow's bridal shower. It looks like the shower will be literal. Bummer. Hopefully it will go well, and
to distract myself from negative thoughts—I want to share another element.

Hopefully, shower games are less painful when there are pretty prizes. I amped up the matchbox and packaging to make this gift/prize just a bit more exciting. Not a bad idea to keep one around the house, when you need a gift in a pinch. Problem is, candles never last long around my house...


happy day of birth

Today is a perfect day to showcase a birthday gift, since it is the special day of a good friend. April is mass birthday month, so I needed a gift I could easily replicate. On Givers Log I found this sweet tutorial that was easily converted to flower vases.

In the birthday card, I included a note that said "You deserve flowers!" and $5 to go buy some. The clock was a clearance purchase from Urban Outfitters, which was a great deal until I put in a battery and the hands didn't move. Bummer.

Any other great strategies for giving multiple gifts in a short time frame?


pom pom garland

What is better than watching a Tim Burton movie {Big Fish, in my case} and crafting? Cuddling during a movie, of course! But the next best thing is a relaxing craft. This coming weekend is the bridal shower, and I'm working away on fun decorations. Here is my pom pom garland:

Pom poms are easy, but time consuming. So, watching a movie is the perfect solution. Other ideas for combining a task with something fun?


lovely blogger list

I noticed The Lovely Blogger List featured on Oh, Hello Friend a while ago. I thought to myself—I am a lovely blogger, I should be on that list. {why not? you should too!} Here is my post.

My name is Amanda Joy and I love life! And I love pretty things! I reside in St. Louis, Missouri. Most of my life I've lived in Wyoming (woop, woop). Four months ago I started freelancing and blogging full time, before that I worked as an in-house designer for a non-profit. Below is my new office:

I also just started an Etsy shop, which includes vintage items re-created to make
fun products. Flea markets are my favorite, along with chocolate milk and Jay Sean (embarrassing, right?). If I had to choose doing just one thing, it would be styling—
the details for an event and photo styling. Lastly, I live based on a conviction to make this world better, more lovely, and more enjoyable for others. I want to do my part to cultivate the good and expand generosity. Oh, and I believe that everyone should agree to do the same!

Shop :: Twitter :: Facebook


art that helps collaborative

Okay. I am normally excited to post. But today the excitement is a whole new level. Have you ever been a part of something bigger than yourself? BEST FEELING EVER.

One of my favorite-totally-original-designers, Promise Tangeman, put together this amazing collaborative for each of us to sell in our Etsy shops and then profits go to support Haiti. We are using our talent to be a blessing to others and make this world a better place.

A Beautiful Idea was started by Evie from Evie-s.com. The idea is that artists/Etsy owners create a certain product to sell in their shop and then they partner online with A Beautiful Idea to donate the money to a charity via A Beautiful Idea’s donation center. That is JUST what we did…but this time we did it as a group. Below are some of the amazing products produced with the final prints.

How amazing is that?!?! Visit her blog for more details, and to see each of the artists with their individual artwork. Then SPREAD THE WORD! This makes me want to work hard and make more products for my shop, too. I'm such a slacker!


porch redo

The sad before:

The very happy after:

So excited. You have no idea how obsessed I am with this space. Pretty sure I want to spend as much time as possible sitting on the porch. Here is the price breakdown:
Ceiling paint // $20
Table set (craigslist) // $30
Table paint // $15
Cushions (ebay) // $30
Hanging planter (owned, from ikea) // $12
Table plant (walmart) // $13
Striped rug (owned, from ikea) // $3
Adirondack rocker (owned) // $40
B&W pillow (garden ridge) // $15
Adirondack table (garden ridge) // $25
Yellow planter (home depot) // $14
Ceramic bird (antique store) // $2.50
Total // $219.50 (minus what I owned) = $164.50
Not to bad. I had hoped (unrealistically) to spend around $100. But I'll get over it. ;)

Now you're all invited over for summer bbq's!!!