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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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crafty fabric wrapped tree

This cutesy tree was a quick turn-around project I led last week. Handing off the project plan and supplies turned out really well I feel. It was a fun challenge to tie in the book drive with a tree. Hopefully through the title "Grow Our Library" and the book-paper leaves there isn't a huge disconnect.

Hope you're enjoying your week!

If you feel so inclined, donate a book to help St. Louis children learn to read!


notable: unraveleddesign

Lay down excuses and give your best anyway. An echo I need to hear often.

Featured Artist: Unraveled Design (view more on flikr)


notable: kerry's kronicles

Not a day of the year we shouldn't have a heart of gratitude.

Featured Artist: Kerry Murphy (via Pinterest)


a night for the town

The start of a new week brings my latest project—a silent auction fundraiser for Mission: St. Louis. Below is a snapshot of the event including a few details I had my hands in.

This year the event was hosted at a stellar St. Louis venue called The Moto Museum, which is an incredible space.

On to my details! Top left is an item donated by my book club, and I made a cute bookmark that I thought you might enjoy. The other three images are item descriptions/titles that I designed for all 250 auction items. Designed around the theme of "work supplies"—because most funds were designated for the jobs training program—these descriptions are meant to mimic index cards, certificates, and business cards.

Moving into the food/music/entertainment space, I styled these centerpieces to go along with the work supplies theme. The pencils hold the "reserved for sponsor" sign and the typewriters have a snippet about the jobs programs.

Then I also made these "timecards" in the hopes to encourage smaller donations, using tangible prices like "$15 provides one workbook".

Big type posters describing each of the 5 major programs of the organization.

And lastly a luxurious table display, haha! Slightly last minute, but still quasi-functional in gaining exposure for the raffle ticket sales.

The team did an incredible job putting on the event for 400+ people, and I was blessed to be a part of it.

Hopefully this wasn't too informative a.k.a. boring! I'm terrible at indoor/flash photography, so I almost didn't want to post about the event. But I figured it's still fun, right? Regardless, I am stoked that my schedule is now crawling compared to the last few months of my life. ****Sigh of relief*****


100 cars for good :: vote today

A small favor to ask of you.

I've posted a few times about the inner city non profit I regularly volunteer for, Mission: St. Louis. Well today, they have the opportunity to win a truck from Toyota 100 Cars for Good and I can not stress how desperately they need one. Below is the amazing video made by Peter Rodick for the contest that shows a snippit of what they do.

So this is what I ask of you, my loyal readers! Well that and encourage you to be a regular volunteer for something you believe in. ;)

// Please comment and let me know you helped! And/or share your favorite non profit!


for japan with love

Tomorrow will be a day of impact. The amazing women over at Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours have put together a project uniting bloggers for the common good of Japan. The movement is called For Japan With Love and we all need to spread the word. I was more than willing to participate, and I hope all reading this post will too.


Can you imagine if every blog reader gave $1? Billions of dollars would go to millions of people in need. It would be incredible. I've made my donation, I hope you do to.

To learn more about the movement, go here. I hope you choose to do something.


Photograph by: Xinhua/Gamma-Rapho (via The Guardian) + more must see images


giving meaningful gifts (that quack!)

Since my Christmas cards are unfortunately WAY behind schedule...

I am going to share a fun gift idea (the surprise is spoiled if any of my family read this blog). Through the organization World Vision, you can "purchase" animals and improve the livelihood of families in third world countries. A duck is only $6! And they include a card (pdf or mailed) to give the recipient. I included a little rubber ducky for fun. 

Would you love or hate receiving a gift like this? Appropriate or not? Should charitable donations remain separate from gifts? I'm SO curious to know your thoughts.


time for golf

I've been busy busy working on these little bundles. The non profit that I volunteer at is doing a golf fundraiser today, and I had the task of putting together the welcome packages. My house is currently littered with 150 of these guys, which I now must pack up and get to the golf course!

Have a super fabulous weekend!


don't be dirty

Happy Monday to you! Some of my friends have taken on a small project. By small, I mean cleaning the 15th largest city in the U.S.
All of it.

I joined the Clean The Lou team for Earth Day and painted a trash can that will later be auctioned to help raise funds.

While the day was cold/rainy/miserable, it is fun to look back. My recycled flowers are looking a little droopy, but I will spiffy them up.

Make sure to check out their fun site, and be encouraged to clean up messes—even when they aren't yours.

All photography by Kacie Campbell.


art that helps collaborative

Okay. I am normally excited to post. But today the excitement is a whole new level. Have you ever been a part of something bigger than yourself? BEST FEELING EVER.

One of my favorite-totally-original-designers, Promise Tangeman, put together this amazing collaborative for each of us to sell in our Etsy shops and then profits go to support Haiti. We are using our talent to be a blessing to others and make this world a better place.

A Beautiful Idea was started by Evie from Evie-s.com. The idea is that artists/Etsy owners create a certain product to sell in their shop and then they partner online with A Beautiful Idea to donate the money to a charity via A Beautiful Idea’s donation center. That is JUST what we did…but this time we did it as a group. Below are some of the amazing products produced with the final prints.

How amazing is that?!?! Visit her blog for more details, and to see each of the artists with their individual artwork. Then SPREAD THE WORD! This makes me want to work hard and make more products for my shop, too. I'm such a slacker!