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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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welcome 2013

Mid January is when people recap their life talk & about their new year goals, right???

On top of life and put together is the story of my life....not so much. If I were to recap last year on Joy Ever After it would be a really short post—because I blogged maybe 6 months out of the year? It's like we're at that point in our relationship where we need to break up or tie the knot. Commit or move on.

Good thing deep down I DO love this relationship.

So here we go. Because my life feels a little complicated, my 2013 resolutions/goals/commitments are simple: Take Chances + Embrace Change.

This will be a challenge for me. I like being comfortable. Most people recap what they'd like to change—I recap that I DON'T want change. To be honest, I've avoided this "new year" post because last year was sooo comfortable. My freelance work flourished. My husband and I enjoyed living together, taking life pretty easy. We achieved many personal goals. We are part of an amazing community of friends and have a home that we love. Not much discontentment in 2012, and New Year's Eve didn't exactly bring excitment of great hope in 2013. Actually, I had a death in the family that night and spent early January surrounded by broken hearts.

And as I look to what this year will hold, I see a lot of change. A lot of risk. When life gets too comfortable, it's probably time for change. My husband and I will face decisions. Do we uproot this life we love? Do we exchange our freedom of comfort & ease to start a family? Do we dive in to a new job and a new community?

So here I am looking to a future of uncertainty and transitions. Leaving behind good things, in the hopes of greater things. Please stay with me to share this adventure.


inspiration archive // 9

Hey all! It's September already...wha??! I hope you had a fantastically long weekend (I sure did). I should be back to posting my projects soon, and I've got some fun ones coming up. In the mean time, isn't this a pretty sunrise?!

Also, since most of my readers enjoy handmade things, recipes, and all that fun stuff—I figure you might be interested in a new venture of my friend, Bonnie.

A snippet about Roost Tribe: For as much as a latte, members receive 3 e-books on everything from how to grow your blog to how to pitch to bloggers. additionally, members receive loads of exclusive premium content every single month.

each month members will receive:

  •  adobe illustrator tutorial
  •  a fully photographed recipe
  • 2 seamless repeating patterns
  •  graphics to improve their blog posts
  •  a printable greeting card
  •  desktop background
  •  coupons + discounts
  • + much more!

I'm participating to see what this is all about...maybe you should too! Lots of great goodies to gussy up your blog, and looks like there'll be great biz resources as well.

Have a great week, friends!

Featured Lovely By: Tony Kuchar (via Pinterest)


guest post & blogging mishap

Hi Friends! Guest posting again on Oh, Hello Friend this week. Be sure to check out my antiquing trip post.

Also, my apologies for dropping off the planet this week. I'll confess the biggest struggle with maintaining my blog. As a freelancer, I don't always get to manage my own time efficiently. For instance, I had plenty of my own work (including blogging) planned this week but when a job crops up it often requires immediate attention. So Tues, Wed, and Thurs were consumed with no forewarning. I love the extra work but get so bummed when I miss blog posts! It's the constant struggle of work that pays vs work that I enjoy. Has anyone else struggled with this?

I'm actually traveling again this weekend. But should be back in full swing next week. Any fun plans for you?

Have a great weekend!


best of 2011

Below are my (and reader) favorite blog moments from last year. How fun to look through a journal of my projects!

Obviously the launch of my professional website is probably the biggest highlight—and gives me the most excitment for things to come in 2012.

A super fun styling gig was the Bridal Expo with Tie That Binds.

A personal growth project experimenting with color theory in prop styling.

Still falling in love with these images from our 3rd Anniversary Photo Shoot.

Bright colors abound everywhere in April's Easter Brunch.

Another fun styling project was working on a Catering Display for another wedding expo.

And on the home front we accomplished a (somewhat minor) bathroom renovation.

The most popular DIY was the outdoor pallet table we made for our summer patio.

Can't get over how fun this birthday surprise invitation turned out!

Lastly, the amazing Advent Calendar I recieved has been wildly popular with readers and has now inspired my craft partner and I to come up with more collaborations...to be announced at a later date.

So there you have it! A recap of 2011 highlights on Joy Ever After. Thanks so much to all of you for stopping by and inspiring me to keep posting. Looking forward to sharing all the great things in the upcoming year!


for japan with love

Tomorrow will be a day of impact. The amazing women over at Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours have put together a project uniting bloggers for the common good of Japan. The movement is called For Japan With Love and we all need to spread the word. I was more than willing to participate, and I hope all reading this post will too.


Can you imagine if every blog reader gave $1? Billions of dollars would go to millions of people in need. It would be incredible. I've made my donation, I hope you do to.

To learn more about the movement, go here. I hope you choose to do something.


Photograph by: Xinhua/Gamma-Rapho (via The Guardian) + more must see images


reader survey

It's that time. If you visit this blog regularly or like it or read it once or have no idea why it exists...I need your help! With 150+ regulars, I'm hoping at least 50 will help me out (that's YOU!). It's for the good of all mankind!

I would REALLY REALLY appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out this easy survey.


guest on handmade artist

Another guest post feature today, Poppytalk The Handmade Artist!

I promise I will have a post dedicated to only this blog on Friday. Maybe I'll even throw in a little surprise!


all the difference

First post of the week thanks to a relaxing and long weekend. I noticed mine wasn't the only blog to take a break. :) Life has slowed dramatically and I'm finding time to work and play. Updating the portfolio is now on the front burner—woo hoo. And what does thinking about portfolios remind me of? Well designed branding.

Eat, Drink, Chic. posted this adorable branding that I can't help but share. And if you missed it, I posted on my blog branding which is a great intro if you are thinking about personal updates as well. Okay on to a few of my favorites...

The Farmer's Cart // Studio Ten and a Half // via The Dieline


The Design Bakery // Joe Stephenson


Delicia // Avant/Cargo // via The Dieline


Julian // Jordan Gray // via Twig & Thistle


Gaslight // Designer source unknown {holla if you know}


Recession Bites // Freshthrills // via The Dieline


Parc // Mucca Design

Doesn't the whole design package make all the difference?!! So great. Any other favorites that I missed? I'd love to know your favorites...


beautiful blogger

A blog I've been following for a long time, Make Do & Send, surprised me with the "lovely blogger" award. I tried to trace back the origin of the award, to no avail.
Thanks to Alex, for allowing me to share 10 things about myself:

1} I grew up in a remote town in Wyoming > nearest store excluding Walmart—2 hours.

2} I judge bad design > in a really snotty way.

3} Being generous is my favorite thing.

4} I have no 5 year plan > an unpredictable life is scary and exciting at the same time.

5} I am a blog stalker who rarely comments > trying to remedy > holla if you are the same!

6} I hate that I love Ms Gaga.

7} I desperately want a Canon 5D Mark II, even though I have zero interest in video.

8} My attempt at being green is peeing in the shower.

9} Growing up, I was involved in 4-H and FFA > which leads to the most traumatic event in my life > semen testing a bull.

10} Someday I will live in a poor country and help the most desperate people.

Now I bestow the award on to 5 of my favorite blogs/bloggers:

Amy - Shutterly Lovely

Bonnie - Going Home to Roost

Mekala - Tie that Binds

Michael - Inspired by Charm

Jessica - How About Orange



speaking of details

Have you ever noticed this little icon?

It is called a favicon! Favi-what??? I was bound and determined to get one of my very own. Here is what I discovered:

You start out with a Photoshop doc that is 16x16 pixels. I just copy/pasted my flower from Illustrator as a smart object and then resized it to fit the square. Save it. Then you use a website like this one to convert it to the right icon format. Then depending on your website, you upload it to your web server in the root directory. Now that is a little too techy for me, but since I use squarespace (God bless you squarespace) I just went to website management > website settings > advanced > and adjust the setting to use my favicon. And PRESTO!

Now I am legit.

I did have a small problem with the favicon NOT appearing when I used a url mask (joyeverafteronline.com), but I removed the mask and it works fine. I'd like to pretend I could help if anyone finds complications, but that just isn't so.

But I welcome all challenges!