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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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*love believes* valentine

I've been so scattered lately with a number of projects, but was able to snap some images of my valentine progress. Yay for fabric envelopes! The "valentine" is also fabric, though slightly non-traditional and could easily be framed as artwork. Between this and Christmas, making multi-purpose cards is my new thing. I still need to add a small valentine note, some fun labels, and finish them off with the love charms.

Hope you are having an amazing Friday, and soon a great weekend!


valentine diy round-up

Another round-up for today's post. 4 weeks until the holiday you either love or hate (no on-the-fence). Sure, people waste $ on TERRIBLY UGLY disposable junk, but who doesn't love an excuse to be adored with a little extra thoughtfulness? People just NEED A LITTLE CREATIVITY.

Research for my valentine this year brought me across some FABULOUS ideas.

MATCHBOOKS // Either these with fun photos OR a lovely printable coupon book.

CANDLES // With a cute little votive & matches.

CARDS // But they must be handmade like the above or below freebies.

NOTES // Like this, or maybe the same idea written on a mug—you could even add handmade teabag wrappers. Or plaster a heart attack, but maybe take it all the way like this.

ROMANTIC DINNER // No tv. No distractions. Must have candlelight, and decor like this would be HUGE BONUS. Check out this for more over-the-top party decor ideas.

Your thoughts on the day of all things red and pink? I hope to show my handmade valentines later this week!


winter fabric wreath diy

A fun little tutorial that was completely inspired by this wedding. After the holidays I felt the door looked a little naked, and wanted a "winter wreath". So here are the easy steps:

Supplies: Wreath frame // vintage or scrap fabric // fake flowers.
Tools: Glue gun // scissors.

Cut fabric into strips, any width, and then wrap around wreath until covered.

Then just glue flowers in an arrangement.

I used cheap flowers since this wreath will be used outdoors. That's it. Super easy. Is it still too SPRING??? I'm going to use it anyway.



paper ornament diy

Did I mention I'm participating in the Freshly Blended Ornament Swap? Anticipating the packages is fun (and some ornaments are slightly entertaining). This is my second year, and I wanted to share my ornament with you. Follow along below:

Use a glass or round object to trace a circle onto desired paper. Cut them out (I cut out multiples at a time), and then stack about 12 together.

Sew a straight line down the center. I'm not sure another solution if you don't have a machine (besides borrowing like I did).

Now add a smidgen of glue and paper clip two leaves together, alternating one centered and two outside. Continue this all around the ornament until all pages are glued.

To finish, I used a paper hole punch and then tied on a small metal ring for the hook. This step is optional and hardly noticable, but I thought it added a nice polish.

I love the final! You could also spiff it up like this one, or use colored paper to create interest. Any other great ornament tutorials you are using this year? Do share!


renegade recap

A snapshot of my weekend shopping trip, with a spotlight of some favorite vendors. (full list here) It was packed (with people and fun) and the Christmas shopping list is now almost done.

5" of snow and 5 gyms of craft vendors, what's not to love? Oh yeah, the 45 minutes driving around till someone gave up their parking spot. I am trying to block that from my memory.

How was your weekend? Any other great shopping place ideas?


simple tree skirt diy

I'll to my best to make this thorough, as I sort of "winged it" when I made mine.
Supplies // Any fabric - 1.5 yards was perfect for 42" round skirt // Trim - 6 yards
Tools // Scissors // Sewing machine

For a petal pattern, I just cut out newspaper to the size I wanted. Using the total round size based on my small tree, I needed each petal to be 21" in length. Tip: For the paper pattern, fold in half and then cut out the petal—this assures symetry along the curve. Using pattern, cut enough petals from fabric to create a circle. Fabric idea: I used burlap and wanted the frayed edges, you could use a non-fray material like fleece OR use pinking shears to cut out the petals.

Now take the petals, overlap about .5" and sew straight lines, connecting each one. Tip: I loved the overlapping layers {pictured below}, a zigzag cut from pinking shears would also add personality to the skirt. Or using alternating colored petals, be creative!

Sew all the petals together, leaving two unconnected for the tree wrap. Tip: Burlap has a finished edge, so I simply cut my petals where the finished edge fell along the unconnected petals. Saved some sewing time!

Lastly, sew your trim along the outside of the circle. Put below the tree and enjoy!

Simple, right!? Any other ideas to add flare and spunk?


chic wreath diy

Perfect for any occasion and easliy updated.

I'm sure this has been done a million times. It's super simple and inexpensive, with only three ingredients. Follow instructions below:

Cut up many many strips of fabric, any color or blend. I cut roughly 1"x7" strips, and used muslin and white burlap.

Next, simply tie one knot around wreath (no need to double). Any size/type of wreath works for this, I used a cheap one from the $1 store and a fatter grapevine wreath is pictured. Even an emproidery hoop or cardboard circle would work. Different widths and sizes allow a wide range of creativity to gain any style or desired look. While the fabric knots are a bit time consuming, it's super easy to do while watching movies or tv.

Tie knots all around until the wreath is covered. Optional: Attach a wire circle hanger using any bendable thin wire.

Last, attach a fun accent. Any bow or flower of any color will work. Easy peasy!


white green christmas diy

Back to blogging > and should have posted this weeks ago. Now I have so much to share I'll be posting like mad!

First time decorating for Christmas since high school—and loving the results! Many of my ornaments are DIY, using pinecones, paper, and fabric-wrapped balls. I still spent more than I'd hoped {mission fail}. And still undecided about the tree topper....but I prefer it over store ones I've seen. It'll do this year.

Also, I must add that pre-lit trees are from the devil. Worst idea ever—considering they lasted a whole of 3 hours, followed by my attempted fix taking another 4.

One more thing! My outdoor wreath below, LOVE LOVE. It's the DIY from Creature Comforts. Best 5 min - $3 DIY ever attempted. Ez's Christmas DIY posts have been AMAZING.

Okay ONE MORE note. I'll post the super simple wreath and tree skirt later this week (trying to pack in all these Christmas posts now!), so don't change that channel!


crafting goddess

Please drool over the work of Ashley Meaders with me.

You may recognize some images from her pancake breakfast or popsicle picnic features on Design*Sponge. I can't even tell you how far my jaw dropped when I realized this was all done by the same person! Could the talent be laid on any thicker??? If only it was possible to steal a creative crumb or two!

Head over to her site for even more inspirational lovliness. Now I MUST mop up this drool spot before I pack up and hit the road, er....air.


charming diy craft

These wine glass charms were a super fun craft that my sis-in-law, Colleen, put together for a bridal shower. Perfect for any group of gals, using their personal taste to create something unique and sassy.

Just combine any bead with any wire in any shape. I just loved how easy this craft was, especially for the non-crafty types. And the perfect job for the leftover stash of unwanted beads! My charms turned out more dull than others', because I wanted to coordinate with my kitchen color! < nerd

} A selection of colored wire
} A slew of leftover beads // all shapes & sizes
} Wire cutter
} Needle nose plier

And this is my adorable nephew, Van, that is the creative genius behind Colleen's blog name, Chipmonkey. I included him just for show and tell.