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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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my bathroom makeover


So head over heels in love with the whole bathroom now. Details explained below.

So happy with everything. Here is the list of updates we made:
New vanity & sink // professionally installed
Paint // wall color is Behr Semi-gloss Dark Granite and ceiling is Behr Silver Drop
Added an exhaust fan/ceiling light combo
New light fixture above mirror  // attached underneath shelving
Took off cabinet doors and painted shelving
Changed all outlets to black outlets
New *vintage* mirror // found at flea market in Denver
New towel hooks and bathroom accessories
Shopping list // Metal letters // Print // Tissue box cover // Baskets // Rug

It seems so simple in list form, but adding the exhaust fan and new lighting above the sink were nightmare projects (because the house is almost 100 years old). Most else was pretty straight forward. Originally I bought this beautiful bathmat, but sadly it wouldn't fit. The vases with greenery idea I found here while googling wall decor ideas. In the spring I can switch them out with pretty yellow flowers. The new vanity is my favorite part, and makes the tiny bathroom feel much more roomy. I can't get over how much more fun it is to wash my hands. A close second is the incredible mirror (originally brown), I love how it covers the entire wall space.

Glad to share with you on this happy Wednesday! Any ideas to add more form or function?


bathroom reno inspiration

A little disclaimer for your Monday morn. When my husband comes home, many things go on hold (work, relationships, craft projects, etc). It's a strange and temporary way of life for us right now, and not always the most convenient. Needless to say a lot of house gets neglected with me in charge, so he and I have been working nearly full time to make some bathroom (and other) updates and I am ALMOST ready to reveal. *so excited!* Here are the images that caused the bathroom to beg for some TLC:

{left CB2 catalog, image right}

The before is not TERRIBLE, but certainly not lovely! I liked the tiling and silver curtain but HATED the vanity/mirror/lighting. And you know when small things just nag at you every time you are in the room (like poor painting/tiling/nasty towel hooks/etc)?
This was the room that nagged:

With the above inspiration in mind, along with the palette below, my husband graciously agreed to some updates that *as I should know* were a lot more work and more money than predicted. He has worked SO hard I just love him to pieces.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

The ONLY thing left to do is a little shopping, which has turned out to be a hassle (isn't this supposed to be the fun part?!). Finding the right floor rug, baskets, and wall art was no easy feat!!! There is the largest return pile sitting in the house, but we are so close. The above list are the keepers that we've decided will stay.

Whew—I am a little long winded. So that is the preview, and I am testifying now that it will be done this week. Can't wait to share the final product!


more embroidery hoop art

Happy February! Starting off the month of love with a LOVE-ly wall display.

I noticed this on the Facebook page of my design hero and friend—Maria, and BEGGED her to let me share with you. Part of her nursery decor to welcome Oliver and oh-SO-sweet! Hard to choose a favorite with the button flowers, house on a hill, basically every adorable hoop. Which is YOUR favorite???


converted shower curtain

Thrifty. Frugal. Tightwad. Cheapskate. I go by many names. But I'm ok with that. Below is my latest venture to get the look I want at a fraction of the cost.

Yep. It's a shower curtain. On clearance.

Ever since I saw the curtain from this place (via Twig & Thistle), I've been desperately wanting the look. Then during a routine shopping trip, I noticed this curtain in the EXACT material/color I wanted. So this morning I cut and sewed a few ruching strips and now I have TWO curtains for a total of $20.

I will admit the second curtain didn't turn out too well...but what can ya do.


bridal expo styling {part two}

Back again with more photos from the weekend expo.

Such a blast working with Tie That Binds, and I hope all the hard work pays off. My favorite details of the display are the back wall, the flowers made from vintage sewing patterns, and the beautiful ruffled table runner. Everything from the chandeliers to the paper displays works so well together, any bride should be thrilled to have these custom details incorporated into her wedding. Any details stand out that you love?


bridal expo styling {part one}

Please allow me to show you what has been consuming the last 3.5 days of my life.

This expo booth display was a collaboration with Mekala of Tie That Binds, who offers custom wedding stationery and products. Wanting to market locally, she opted for a bridal expo in Louisville, KY. Because of my experience in set design and retail space, she graciously let me interject my opinions. And being that I LOVE STYLING THIS STUFF, I was more than happy to participate.

We starting working together early November on ideas for the space, and we both LOVED how it turned out. Not gonna lie, it was by far the most elegant/elaborate of the 200 booths (slightly biased). To learn more about Tie That Binds, visit her website, blog, etsy, or my previous post.

Will share even more image details on Wednesday!


display your christmas cards

Need a better/more appealing way to display Christmas cards? I sure do.

1 // Martha Stewart  2 // Bettter Homes and Gardens  3 // Country Living
4 // Free Craft  5 // Martha Stewart  6 // Bettter Homes and Gardens
7 // Apartment Therapy


chic wreath diy

Perfect for any occasion and easliy updated.

I'm sure this has been done a million times. It's super simple and inexpensive, with only three ingredients. Follow instructions below:

Cut up many many strips of fabric, any color or blend. I cut roughly 1"x7" strips, and used muslin and white burlap.

Next, simply tie one knot around wreath (no need to double). Any size/type of wreath works for this, I used a cheap one from the $1 store and a fatter grapevine wreath is pictured. Even an emproidery hoop or cardboard circle would work. Different widths and sizes allow a wide range of creativity to gain any style or desired look. While the fabric knots are a bit time consuming, it's super easy to do while watching movies or tv.

Tie knots all around until the wreath is covered. Optional: Attach a wire circle hanger using any bendable thin wire.

Last, attach a fun accent. Any bow or flower of any color will work. Easy peasy!


a goodbye for your weekend

Make sure to check out my wall decor tutorial on oh, hello friend.

Sidenote: the gift below is THE SWEETEST thing I've ever seen.

Making sweet notes that correspond with the gifts, SO precious. Made my heart melt back when Danni was planning her wedding (and I randomly remembered it recently). See the full post here.

And wishing you a weekend full of thoughtfulness.


dresser made feminine luxe

So this would have been a GREAT tutorial, except that the "before" images were taken so long ago that I accidentally deleted them from my hard drive. *insert mad face* Has this happend to anyone else?! Luckily I am so happy with how it turned out, I have no reason to pout about it. Below are a few images and brief instructions.

First, I sanded for over an hour because there were 3D bows across the top, along with flower decals on the drawers. Then I touched up the areas with some white paint. I wanted the drawers to have a subtle difference (dileberated for months) until last weekend I had an epiphany with the cream lace. Perfecto! Add some modge podge and a good trimming.

The cream and white needed the compliment of colored knobs. Using acrylics, I painted the teal gray and then sanded them down to keep their antique look. Finish with cotton stalks and a lovey dovey print. Wham > from little girl to glam in two afternoons. Thoughts? To feminine for the husband? Or worth it?

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