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Entries in diy (97)


simple diy spring wreath

Was able to finish up this simple wreath today!

Supplies needed: $1 table cloth for the grass, large fake flower (one shown is from Hobby Lobby), wreath, and ribbon.

The squares are about 5", which I folded in half twice in order to cut the fringe. Also, set the hot glue gun on low and after squirting glue wait 10 seconds before sticking the plastic down. It burns really easily, but overall this was really simple and worked well. The table cloth makes the wreath "weatherproof" which I am always a fan of.

That's it. Pretty simple but still a fun greeting for guests!

Have a great week!


ruffled gray felt pillow

Happy Monday!

Excited to share yesterday's sewing project with you, combining my favorites—gray, felt, and ruffles! Inspired by a pillow I saw in Target (which they don't have online to show you), although their ruffles go across the entire front. But after four hours, I decided three ruffle rows was plenty—haha.

So happy with the pillow that now I feel inspired to keep decorating all of my house!

How was your weekend? Productive? Relaxing? Busy? Hopefully fun!


st. patrick's day sequin garland diy

How was your weekend?! Mine was unbelievably relaxing, including a 2+ hour game of scrabble against my husband (yep, I won!). To kick off a fun week of Irish cheer, I've thrown together this sequin garland. How festive and just the right amount of glitz! Use sewing thread to tie the sequins at various intervals—that's it! You can tailor this to fit any occasion for only a few dollars.


doily collage {wall decor}

Hello, friends!

Today brings a wall installation I put together for my friend/new neighbor. I love balancing wall art with a mix of 2D and 3D art, bringing in various prints and textures. Below is the basic instructions, should you be interested in making a similar collage. Do you also like the mixing of prints & textures on walls?

Have a great week!

INSTRUCTIONS: To make the doily collage only requires a few steps. First place them in the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement, balancing different sizes/colors. Then tie together in a few places using sewing thread. Once they are all connected, you can submerge the collage in a slightly diluted mix of mod-podge and water. Wring out the glue and place the doilies on wax paper to dry. Make sure to flatten out every part of the doilies and then dry overnight. Hang using a few straight pins.

Art Sources: Wall prints by Kari Herer // Dresser print by Katie Daisy


mini sailor's knot

I have no idea what possessed me to make these tiny monkey fist knots. In life, one thing leads to another and eventually you always end up with a bunch of knots, right?

You may recognize them from a popular Design*Sponge feature a while back. Someday they'll sneak their way into a future project of mine—because they are just too cute!


lovely bundle {love letters}

Looking for this year's DIY round-up and they all happen to be love letters, with a few arrows thrown in.

Need more inspiration? I have last year's crafty Valentine round-up posts here and here.

Image Sources: 1 DIY by Amy Moss for Once Wed // 2 DIY by CAKE for One Charming Party // 3 DIY by Lovely Indeed for Sweetest Occasion // 4 Two Shades of Pink (via eighteen25) 5 The Dating Divas (via Sweetest Occasion) //


plastic bag heart wreath

Happy February 1st! My house needed a little festive door candy, so I whipped up a heart wreath—made from recycled grocery bags. Never thought those could make something pretty, did you? Yeah me neither. But I REALLY like it. AND it's waterproof. Perfect for a sporadic weather month.

I didn't really follow a tutorial, but used the concept from this wreath. The only supplies are a metal hanger and 15-20 plastic bags. Ruffled weather-proof wreath for a total cost of nada. Can't beat that!


papercut heart blue valentine

Happy Monday! A pretty valentine and a quasi-tutorial for you.

Apparently I just can't get enough of this made up holiday. The creative fireworks go off at random intervals, and for whatever reason the lastest displays involve a musical twist. Original instructions and template from Martha Stewart.

Supplies & Tools // Two kinds of paper, chipboard (for cutting on), printed template, xacto knife, scissors, and tape.

The process was less tedious than I expected and took under 2 hours. TIP: Spray adhesive can be your best friend or your worst enemy, use with caution. Sadly, I butchered one area of the heart but thankfully it's not that noticable.

I might just frame it. The perfect valentine if you are looking for sweet & sentimental gift on the inexpensive side.

Also, I found a few other templates including carved initials, a pop-up card, and squirrel love.

AND my goal is to do a full week of posts this week. YAY ME!


mason jar sewing kit

Happy Wednesday (evening)...today was a small whirlwind it feels.

Now there are plenty of these on Pinterest, so I'm not claiming to be original (idea originated from Ms. Martha I do believe). But when I saw this at Anthropologie for a whopping $40-ish—I saw a challenge. And nothing on the web had a good source list, so today I give you one.

TIPS // Use wide mouth mason jars. A must because after glueing the pin cushion the lids don't fit well. Also, I bought these pin containers which don't fit. I followed the steps in the tutorial by Momstastic for the pin cushion lid. Use glue sparingly. Use glue sparingly. The last tip is to make multiple kits, because you'll have surplus supplies. I made 6 kits and used them as Christmas gifts for my crafty friends.

Now I have pretty shelf candy that is quasi functional. Actually, I even used some items for last weekend's craft. See! Great to grab for quick use.

::: Sewing Kit Total $13.99 (+ tax) :::


Mason Jars $1.57 ($10 for $9.44, Walmart)
Embroidery Scissors $3.99 (Fabric Store)
White Tape Measure $1.47 (Walmart)
Wood Spools $.66 (6 for $1.99, Hobby Lobby)
Thimbles $1.33 (10 for $7.99, Amazon)
Safety Pins $.50 (Pack for $2.99, Hobby Lobby)
Stick Pins $.83 (Pack for $4.99, Hobby Lobby)
Pin Containers $1.65 (Walgreens)
Sewing Needles $.23 (Pack for $1.37, Walmart)
Felt $.04 (1 sheet  for $.25, Hobby Lobby)
Sewing Thread $.72 (2 for $4.29, Walmart)
Buttons $1.00 (Various)
Pin Cushion Top (had on hand)


layered earring diy

FINALLY I'm back to posting (so sorry for stalling). I hope you enjoy the DIY jewelry I threw together this weekend!

Supplies // Felt colors of your choice, fish hook earrings, and small metal loops.

Tools // Needle & thread, scissors, needle nose pliers, and paper for pattern (optional).

First, cut out the shapes you want from paper to use as a pattern before cutting the felt.

Next, cut out the felt in different colors and sizes.

Here we have the most complicated step, tying the metal loop to the layered felt.

Lastly you attach the fish hooks to the metal loops. Super simple! Now I have a few accessories to dress up a casual outfit. Please let me know if you have any questions and be sure to let me know if you make a pair of your own!