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pillow cover diy by tie that binds

Happy Monday-that-follows-a-holiday! To kick off the festive season I wanted to feature this holiday DIY by Mekala of Tie That Binds. I'm such a sucker for anything burlap, especially these bold type pillows.

Another thing that makes these fabulous is that you can use any currently owned decorative pillows by making slip covers to dress them up for the season. Find the step-by-step instructions here.

Aren't they so great?! There are also great custom Christmas cards available in her Etsy shop so be sure to check them out if you're looking for a stylish card this year. So glad she let me share with you!

All photography by Tie That Binds, full diy instructions here.


bunting pattern & diy {super cheap}

There are only a bazillion bunting styles out there—in all ranges of money and time investment. Today I bring you one that is super great because it is super cheap. By super I mean in the ballpark of $.25 PER YARD. In other words about $.08 PER FOOT. Do I sense jaws dropping? Well, they should be.

So here's what you do. Download this pattern I created. Then do the math of how much bunting you'd like to end up with. For every 4.5" of fabric you buy, you'll get around 11' of bunting (assuming the bolt is 36" wide, you'll get 30 - 2.25" wide triangles). To keep it simple I'd recomend buying in 4.5" increments. If you choose 3 colors that is 33' of bunting!

Now you decide what fabric you want. {Psst, did you know you can buy felt by the yard?} That's what I did because it's a lot cheaper than buying felt squares. Felt also doesn't have scraggly edges.

Anywho. Once you have your strips of 36"x4.5" fabric, you gotta cut out the diagonals using the pattern above. Then it's time to connect the triangles.

I snipped sewing thread about 1" and then hot glued each end to a triangle (pictured above). This may not be the most time efficient method, but I didn't mind gluing all this bunting while watching tv.  Perhaps sewing would be faster? Someone should try it and let me know how it goes.

So there you have it! Not too shabby at $.08 per foot!


pumpkin spice latte cupcake, yes please!

I could not resist baking a batch of these cupcakes from Annie's Eats! And I could not resist showing them off in a most fitting cup (an idea from one of my facebook friends). These are the best tasting cupcakes I've ever made (thanks Annie!), although I did substitute coconut oil and then added vanilla (sorry Annie!).

Perfect fall fun!


paper flower power

Happy Wednesday!

Below are images of a little flower installation I was able make recently (by little, I mean 6' wide). The flowers are made from household items like paper bags, tissue paper, and pretty wrapping paper. This installation is one of two I've created for donation items at silent auction fundraisers. Only when it's for a good cause am I able to pour many many hours into something so lovely but has little relevance to work projects. Paper flowers are SO much fun to make. I'm hoping it ends up in a pretty princess room somewhere!


autumn decor

Happy Wednesday! Here are a few on-the-cheap decor ideas.

For my porch, I snatched up a few mum plants from Home Depot (only $3 ea!) along with a small pumpkin, and then added a chalkboard welcome sign. I think this makes a pleasant fall greeting for guests...even if it's just the mail delivery person who visits.

And corn. The idea was used in a wedding I styled this month—and I figured it makes for a great seasonal candle accent. I didn't want one lonely candle, so I used all the small votive holders on hand.

And lastly I made a fall bouquet. Then I decided to tell you all about my new found passion (floral styling) in another post. So for now just a quick look ;)

What new ideas are you using this fall? Anything that rocked your socks off?


weekend craft // toadstool pencils

How darling are these toadstool terrariums?! This diy pencil tutorial from Scissors.Paper.Wok is about as adorable as it comes. And even better, my crafting-renegade-partner just shows up with all the supplies and tells me this is what we are making. Well OK! Make the little terrariums with small candle votives, coffee beans, paper grass—add a small tag and now you have plenty of pick-me-ups to deliver. Super easy and super adorable.

Hope you are having a fantastic week!


stencil letters banner diy

A fun little tutorial that can be customized in any way. I wanted a fun welcome sign for a party I'm working on tonight, so I threw this together.

Supplies: The only supplies you need are these small (3.5") stencil letters, available at home improvement stores. Usually they are located by the "for sale" signs and house numbers, and they are so great for many many projects. Ribbon and/or string are the only other supply you need.

Tools: A hole punch and spray paint—if you don't want yellow letters.

After spray painting the letters cream, I hole punched the tops and threaded the string through them. Next, I just selected some lace and ribbon to add some color and interest to the banner.

And now we have a pretty guest welcome! Like I said, super customizable and easy to repurpose. Now I must finish up a few items and then on to decorating for tonight's party! Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.


updated light bulb diy

Late night Monday post—typical of myself these days. Recently I acquired a new set of bookshelves (which I can hardly wait to share with you). But first, I must fill them up with diy decor! Here is a small project I worked on today.

This light bulb diy is a version of this tutorial from Design*Sponge. It was pretty simple to create, although I may have broken a few too many bulbs. Though I like the original heart filament, I want to subtly incorporate a few favorite Scriptures into my home decor and this diy was a perfect way to do just that. The quote shown is Psalm 119:105, "Your word is a lamp unto my feet, And light unto my path." 

So what do you think? Do you a favorite ways you've seen small inspirations incorporated into decor?


outdoor pallet table diy

A midweek hello to you!

One of the many things keeping me busy lately has been a backyard overhaul. While I wait to finish a few final touches to the backyard/patio, I want to share our diy pallet table.

To make the table, we used two wood pallets, one 4x4, 4 caster wheels with nuts & bolts, L-brackets & skrews, and then gray stain. First we determined the height we wanted (21"), subtracted the height of the casters and two pallets (15"), then cut the 4x4s for the additional 6" legs. We then attached the 4 legs to the top of the lower pallet and also the underside of the upper pallet. After attaching the 4 casters using nuts & bolts, we decided a little color might look nice. We chose a gray stain hoping for a subtle coloring, but the wood absorbed stain so fast we ended up with a nearly black table. And I will add the amount of work to cover every surface inside of the pallets was....brutal. Do-over I would probably recomend keeping the natural wood color. I still really like the dark look and the size of the table is perfect for our patio.

So there you have it! Works great as an outdoor movable table, and a great alternative to expensive patio furniture. If anyone is interested in more specific direction, just let me know. I realize this wasn't the most detailed diy ever posted.

What do you think of the final product?

// UPDATE // My apologies that this DIY is not a very clear step-by-step. Please read through the comments to make sure your question is not answered there. If you still have a very specific question, I will try to answer via email. With so many repeat questions, emails are often buried in my inbox so I want to apologize ahead for tardy responses. Your understanding is greatly appreciated!


last minute july 4 diy's

In case you get a hankerin' to add some diy flare this weekend, I've collected a few ideas that might inspire you. Crafts that can be pulled off in the next few days.

Striped Menu + Tags by Scout's Honor Co for {Frolic!} (via Poppytalk)

Pie in a Jar by Brooklyn Supper for Babble (via Pinterest)

Printables by Hank + Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion (via Poppytalk)

Paper Cones by Martha Stewart

Licorice Wrappers by Room To Inspire (via eighteen25)

There you go! Any other simple and great ideas that I missed? I hope you have a fantastic weekend of frills & fireworks!