This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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new etsy shop ::: festive overflow

Hello, friends! On this Tuesday I have somewhat exciting news—I've opened a NEW Etsy shop! This is the fallout of cleaning my office and having overstock of craft and party supplies. I cleaned out the closet. Literally.

This isn't meant to be shameless self promotion as much as, "Uh hello this gold confetti is gorgeous and I'd love to share some with you". Who doesn't love a giant gold paperclip? Yep, this shop is a hodge podge.

And Of course I'd love for you to share a tweet to get the word around, because I'm convinced one of you knows someone in need of awkward plastic test tubes. I'm absolutely sure of it.

Thanks so much for your support!


inspiration archive // 12

I'm needing a little color today as I've spent the last 5 hours researching party concepts and proposals. Gorgeous paintings to browse through here. You won't be disappointed.

And next I need a little computer break...

Featured Lovely By: Margaret Owen


inspiration archive // 9

Hey all! It's September already...wha??! I hope you had a fantastically long weekend (I sure did). I should be back to posting my projects soon, and I've got some fun ones coming up. In the mean time, isn't this a pretty sunrise?!

Also, since most of my readers enjoy handmade things, recipes, and all that fun stuff—I figure you might be interested in a new venture of my friend, Bonnie.

A snippet about Roost Tribe: For as much as a latte, members receive 3 e-books on everything from how to grow your blog to how to pitch to bloggers. additionally, members receive loads of exclusive premium content every single month.

each month members will receive:

  •  adobe illustrator tutorial
  •  a fully photographed recipe
  • 2 seamless repeating patterns
  •  graphics to improve their blog posts
  •  a printable greeting card
  •  desktop background
  •  coupons + discounts
  • + much more!

I'm participating to see what this is all about...maybe you should too! Lots of great goodies to gussy up your blog, and looks like there'll be great biz resources as well.

Have a great week, friends!

Featured Lovely By: Tony Kuchar (via Pinterest)


inspiration archive // 8

A pretty illustration for today. I love the gray letterpress. So perfect.

Featured Lovely By: Pearl Marmalade


inspiration archive // 6

If I had a chunk of time with nothing to do, I'd like to spend it painting with watercolor. It's always been a favorite medium. And these birch trees are just lovely.

Featured Lovely By: Painted Bliss (via Pinterest)


notable: what katie does

Had you seen this lovely print floating around? Now we all know it's true source. And oh how I love Mr. Lewis. If I played the "if you could meet anyone famous" game, I do believe he'd be nearly the top of my list.

Featured Artist: What Katie Does


*new* etsy shop launch + how to

Ok my shop is not really "new" (it has existed 2+ years) but for the first time I've made it into a REAL SHOP. TA DA!

By real, I mean that all my products "fit together" and they also "look good together". This is what they call a cohesive shop (brilliant!). Like many shop start-ups, I just wanted a shop so I threw together products that I thought were awesome in some way. The problem is that is stayed "that way" for over TWO YEARS. About one year ago I realized I was avoiding adding new products (that were made) because I knew the shop was ugly and needed work. #lifefail

Then last January, the Etsy newsletter included the article How To Create A Cohesive Shop. Bingo. This was exactly what I knew my shop needed. Life was plenty busy (always) and again this was put on the back burner. Fast forward another 6 months. 

It was time. It was work. In the last three weeks I've worked an additional 40+ hours on this project. Oy vey! So here are resources I think are particularly helpful (just in case you are also crazy). 

The Etsy Seller Handbook — General overview and easy to navigate for answers.

Launching A New Product Line (article on Going Home to Roost) — Helpful starter info to get you thinking/planning.

Creating A Cohesive Shop — Life changing!

Indie Biz Advice — Bonnie makes everything so accessible and achievable. This is easy to look over and pinpoint useful information.

Pitching to Bloggers — Excited to be SO close to this step!

Basic steps I recommend: Creating products you love (I could talk forever about my rocky road "getting this"), develop a strong brand that reflects your products, and create product images that are consistent and easy to replicate. Then put all this together in your shop and make a stellar about page like this

I know I keep gushing about Bonnie's work but how pretty is that?! And her new shop is also gorgeous. So glad she got all this done just in time for me to use her as a great example ;) 

Bottom line is love what you make, love how it looks, and make sure those two ideas compliment each other. Did I mention Etsy shops are a lot of work? I don't know that I'll ever "get paid" for all that time spent, but in the end I have something I'm really proud of and can now move forward with easier updates.

Now, there is still plenty of work to do for my shop. Proofing all listings (I'm terrible at typos), pricing review, a more engaging about page, and then on to promotions & advertising! It is a long road, but I am well on my way. 

Any readers that are shop owners? Do you have other tips to share and/or needing a shop facelift like I was?


summer please

Am I the only person battling a serious case of summeritis? Dreaming of the days when there was such a thing as summer break....and hoping I can plow through some work to embrace the weekend.

Hoping yours is also a great summer *weekend* break!

Images Sources: 1. Emily McDowell (via Pinterest) // 2. Alice B. Gardens (via Pinterest) //


notable: tag team tompkins

A good day for a little Wilde inspiration. Never a bad day for handrawn type.

Featured Artist: Tag Team Tompkins


notable: erin jane

Happy May Day! A lovely illustration of spring letters. I love the sweet accents....makes me want to put a bird on something.

Featured Artist: Erin Jane