This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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Entries in fall (16)


blood vile ::: halloween invitation

Here's the follow-up invitation that accompanied the Halloween Save-the-Date. These little 3" boxes were mailed to potential party guests.

I still love them so much! Fun packaging is the best. And don't forget you can download your own version of this invitation! Have a great weekend, friends!


halloween invite {free download}

So last year I hosted a small Halloween bash. It's one of my husbands' favorite holidays, and I love an excuse for decorations & food. Like many (nay—nearly all) projects, I hardly had time to pull it off let alone document with photos. 

But now I get to show off the fun invitations that were sent out!

The photos are of a save-the-date (more elaborate invite coming soon!), but the printable is for a fill-in-the-blank halloween party invitation. The red drip/splash isn't part of the design, it's actually a drop of food coloring. Each invite was unique with its own runs and splotches. How haunting!

Above is the link to download your own invitations. Be sure to add the splash of blood!


fall farm wedding {part 2}

The fall wedding gorgeousness continues! After guests minglinged for the cocktail hour, they made their way down the hill to the ceremony location under this enormous elegant tree.

The tree itself has an incredible story, being struck by lightening and damaged so that half of it was laying completely horizontal. By some nature miracle, it was able to recover and appears unscathed. A somewhat decent metaphor for marriage, eh?

After the ceremony, the children were handed a farm map with a clue to their next adventure. Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt?!

Their hunt ends at the large wrap around porch, where guests are preparing to feast.

This porch had a "decent" view of the Mississippi river. No big deal. Also down by this view was a large bonfire and s'more bar.

The tables were covered with paper and we had written little love quotes scattered throughout at random.

While completely amazing up to this point, this wedding would not be complete without a pie buffet. A delicious one. All baked by friends and family.

What a day! I still have amazing memories of the fun we had, both with the small planning team that pulled everything together and celebrating the couple together. Sharing my creative skills with wonderful people that truly deserve celebration brings constant gratification to my life. Happy Anniversary Chris & Jen!

You can view part 1 of the wedding here.

All photography by Dustin Davis // Wedding location at Kuhs Estate and Farm // Styling, stationery, & flowers by me


fall farm wedding {part 1}

A few days ago was the anniversary of very good friends, whose wedding I had the privelege of styling. They were married on 9/10/11. Why am I just now showcasing? OH I suppose I originally wanted to submit it to large wedding blog...but like many things in my life, that only amounted to good intentions.

But ohhhh so fun to look back and remember what a FUN event this was.

The wedding took place at the most breathtaking location—in Spanish Lake, Missouri at Kuhs Estate and Farm. When guests arrived, they made their way to the barn for cocktail hour. This barn was a thrifters dream, stuffed full of antiques of all kinds.

And while the adults mingled, the kiddos could enterain themselves over at the mini petting zoo.

I credit this event to me falling in love with floral arranging. 

Such a beautiful couple! And you haven't even seen the wedding yet! On Monday, I'll post the rest of the photos from the ceremony and reception. Worth the wait. Promise.

All photography by Dustin Davis // Wedding location at Kuhs Estate and Farm // Styling, stationery, & flowers by me


happy thanksgiving

A full day of non-blog-work ahead of me today, so I'll wish you well a bit early. I am very grateful for each of my readers and every comment sharing in on my journey.

Enjoy a day of full of food, gratitude, & rest. Full bellies and full hearts—Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Image Source: Terrain (type by me)


corn husk flower diy

My favorite project this fall season was making corn husk flowers. With only one supply (corn husks) and two tools (scissors and a hot glue gun), this is a relatively simple tutorial. Instructions below!

On where to purchase corn husks, I recommend an international food store (think tamales!). Put a few husks in water to increase their pliability. While the husks are soaking, cut out a large amount of petals. You will need roughly 7 small, 5 medium, and 9 large petals per flower. Also cut out a 1.5" circle for each flower. Take the wet husk and cut into strips about 5.5" x 1.5" long.

Now that you have all the pieces take the strip—roll it up, then dot with glue to prevent unrolling. Take the circle and glue the rolled piece to stand up vertically in the center. From this base, you start gluing the small petals and work your way out to the medium then large petals. You may need to trim the length of the large petals before gluing underneath the medium petals to help the flower lay flat. The process should be organic, leaving you with different size and shaped flowers.

The result is gorgeous I promise. And soon I'll show how I plan to incorporate these into a Thanksgiving table centerpiece!


it has been a while

A very long while.

But hello to anyone still following this sadly forsaken blog! Logging in to my platform felt so oddly foreign and familiar. WHAT do I have to say for myself after all this time???

First, I'll say look at these pretty centerpieces leftover from the wedding I styled last weekend!

Second, I have sorely missed updating my small community of followers! Are you still out there?

Third, I'm not sure where to begin on what I've been up to. Fun things include a birthday, a trip to the wineries, my first 5k, a halloween party, a gala fundraiser, and many wedding activities. The less fun updates include an insane amount of client work (more than double from one year ago). Which is most definitely a blessing for my family, but takes a toll on things I love like this blog and a clean house.

As for my future plans (now that my schedule is slower before the holiday madness begins), I have a few harvest projects to share before diving into my favorite season. So please say hello and join me in the upcoming days for content that you once loved!

P.S. Don't you love these adorable test tubes?! I purchased them from Etched in Time if you'd like a set yourself. 


fall bliss

Hoodies. Scarves. Hot tea. Autumn spices. Is anyone else loving the sudden onset of chilly weather?

I am almost ready to be back sharing my regular creative projects with you! Next week will be perfect too since it's my birthday week. I also signed up for a new Blogging Your Way course, so hopefully next month I gain a better purpose & plan for this blog.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Photograph by Francesco Lagnese for Real Simple (via Pinterest)


inspiration archive // 10

Not sure where this week went. It was Tuesday, and now it's Friday...and I'm not sure what happened in between. But I do know suddenly I'm loving the bits of cool weather and longing to break out the scarves and boots. This photo captures it perfectly. Cozy fall.

Have a splendid weekend!

Featured Lovely By: Tartelette (via Pinterest)


afternoon of apple picking

I am pretty sure everyone needs a fall bucket list. One that includes an apple farm. Truly an enjoyable and relaxing activity, although I wasn't the one chasing kids all over. Below are the images I captured yesterday at Eckert's, a local St. Louis farm. Good times.