This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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bloom inspiration

Anyone simply holding their breath, waiting for spring to arrive?!

I certainly am. And these gorgeous-to-die-for-flowers are just a little inspiration for the impending buds.

Annnd also ideas for my upcoming business venture! In May I'll be selling my own flower arrangements at the Farmer's Market...Eeeee! It might be too early to share the news but I cannot contain myself. So for now I'm collecting as many ideas as possible on my floral Pinterest board. Have you seen any simple arrangements lately that I should add? Or favorite blooms to make sure I include?

Image Sources: 1. Studio Choo on Design*Sponge // 2. Once Wed // 3. Wild Folk Studio Blog // 4. Emily Henderson // 5. Wild Folk Studio // 6. Photography by Jose Villa, featured on Once Wed //


thanksgiving garland swag diy

Just a weee bit obsessed with these pretty corn husk flowers...so I've used them to make a garland swag for my Thanksgiving table!

The pre-made garlands/swags (at Hobby Lobby) weren't to my taste. Instead I found a greenery bunch I liked better. To make the swag, I simply hot glued the green stems to each other to form a 3ft swag. From there I arranged the 6 flowers to my liking and then glued them to the stems.

I love how wiley and assymetrical it feels! And using a piece of wood as the runner...eep. SWOON.

Any fun weekend plans?! I'll be teaching on "creative gift giving" at a short seminar called Generosity on a Budget, which will be exciting. And don't worry, I plan to recap the content for Monday's post! How about you, what will you be up to?

If you missed the instructions for the flowers > Corn Husk Flower DIY


corn husk flower diy

My favorite project this fall season was making corn husk flowers. With only one supply (corn husks) and two tools (scissors and a hot glue gun), this is a relatively simple tutorial. Instructions below!

On where to purchase corn husks, I recommend an international food store (think tamales!). Put a few husks in water to increase their pliability. While the husks are soaking, cut out a large amount of petals. You will need roughly 7 small, 5 medium, and 9 large petals per flower. Also cut out a 1.5" circle for each flower. Take the wet husk and cut into strips about 5.5" x 1.5" long.

Now that you have all the pieces take the strip—roll it up, then dot with glue to prevent unrolling. Take the circle and glue the rolled piece to stand up vertically in the center. From this base, you start gluing the small petals and work your way out to the medium then large petals. You may need to trim the length of the large petals before gluing underneath the medium petals to help the flower lay flat. The process should be organic, leaving you with different size and shaped flowers.

The result is gorgeous I promise. And soon I'll show how I plan to incorporate these into a Thanksgiving table centerpiece!


it has been a while

A very long while.

But hello to anyone still following this sadly forsaken blog! Logging in to my platform felt so oddly foreign and familiar. WHAT do I have to say for myself after all this time???

First, I'll say look at these pretty centerpieces leftover from the wedding I styled last weekend!

Second, I have sorely missed updating my small community of followers! Are you still out there?

Third, I'm not sure where to begin on what I've been up to. Fun things include a birthday, a trip to the wineries, my first 5k, a halloween party, a gala fundraiser, and many wedding activities. The less fun updates include an insane amount of client work (more than double from one year ago). Which is most definitely a blessing for my family, but takes a toll on things I love like this blog and a clean house.

As for my future plans (now that my schedule is slower before the holiday madness begins), I have a few harvest projects to share before diving into my favorite season. So please say hello and join me in the upcoming days for content that you once loved!

P.S. Don't you love these adorable test tubes?! I purchased them from Etched in Time if you'd like a set yourself. 


inspiration archive // 11

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was great! Yesterday was spent at a 6-hr neighborhood block party. And I am worn out. Not sure I am ready to tackle all my work projects this week, but more than grateful to develop relationships with those that live closest to me. #rewardingwork

And these simply styled nature images are just the inspiration I need...to foster my dream of someday starting a second (Oi vey!). But for now another week begins. Make it a good one!

Featured Lovely By: Brumley And Wells with Wendy Francisco, featured on Ruffled


inspiration archive // 5

Happy Monday to you. After some relaxing weekend, I am ready to tackle this week. And it doesn't hurt that next weekend includes a holiday...!

I love the messy thread in this wall art. Endless inspiration from the recently discovered Dottie Angel.

Featured Lovely By: Dottie Angel


inspiration archive // 3

Amazing illustrated nature alphabet—an archiving must.

Featured Lovely By: Jill DeHaan (via Going Home To Roost)


inspiration archive // 2

This image is soooo pretty I want to die. And really I just want to make everything cobalt these days. Major color crush.

Featured Lovely By: harold.lloyd (via I Break For Bokeh)


inspiration archive // 1

Hey there! So my workload is not slowing down as hoped. Sad day. This time last year I quit blogging for 6ish weeks (a pattern perhaps?). Since it pains me to ignore the blog completely, I've decided to go "blogging light" until I can work in the 15+ hrs/wk it takes to generate my own content. Until then I'll feature things that make me SWOON and that simply make the world a lovelier place.

Thank you so much for your understanding! XOXO

Featured Lovely By: Charmaine Olivia


flowers for you

I am already needing a Monday reboot (and it's only 10am). *sigh* Hoping the idea of picking my own bouquet makes the day a bit more cheery.

A great week is in store...starting now.

Image Source: Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding