This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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sweet bridal shower dessert table

A few weeks ago I recreated a dessert table originally thought up for a bridal shower. The reason for the re-creation will be made known soon...till then these images must suffice.

The premise of the shower was a classy lingerie shower, with elegant sweets and champagne. No shower games, just the "he says, she says" activity (previously featured in this bridal shower). In lieu of fushia pink, I preferred a soft mint green with lace accents to create an intimate and feminine evening.

Overall the shower was relatively low maintence, yet still an enjoyably sweet celebration for the bride. Don't you agree?


paper flower power

Happy Wednesday!

Below are images of a little flower installation I was able make recently (by little, I mean 6' wide). The flowers are made from household items like paper bags, tissue paper, and pretty wrapping paper. This installation is one of two I've created for donation items at silent auction fundraisers. Only when it's for a good cause am I able to pour many many hours into something so lovely but has little relevance to work projects. Paper flowers are SO much fun to make. I'm hoping it ends up in a pretty princess room somewhere!


autumn floral arrangement

Happy Monday!

And now I share my newest passion—floral styling. By playing a large decor role in a wedding last month, I was introduced to wholesale flower purchasing. Probably the best and worst thing that could have happened...because I LOVE it. I can't stop buying flowers now. And because it's wholesale, I can splurge on fancy flowers like billy balls (the yellow round ones) which run $$$.

Above are one of the arrangements I made just because it's fall and I wanted some floral eye candy in my home. Fun, yes?


eye candy // claire coles

Yesterday I was able to spend my afternoon rummaging the web for all things pretty and my jaw nearly dropped when I came across Claire Coles wallpaper installations. And since I didn't have any of my own pretties to share today, I couldn't resist showcasesing Claire's amazing work. Ahhh....aren't they so lovely it makes you swoon?

Image Source: Claire Coles (found while browsing Pinterest)


lacy floral invitations

An amazingly pretty invitation suite to share with you. Remember these Save the Date's? The bride has such a sweet feminine style—and I think her invitations turned out beautifully.

They were a lot of fun to work on (and of course it doesn't hurt when the results are super great). The lovely calligraphy was done by the talented Rachel Carl & Co. I love weddings in small doses, how about you?


lavender & lemon cream puffs

Back to regular blogging schedule *I think*. Coming at you today with a test recipe—lemon & lavender cream puffs—inspired by my field trip last week. Which I must say, these are DELICIOUS and not near as difficult to create as you might expect.

The lab rats for this experiment were my book club, and they didn't mind one bit. I nearly have them fooled that I am a baking goddess. A reputation I don't mind at all.

Had the pastry bakery been open, I would have gladly purchased the baked puffs to accomodate my low maintenance lifestyle (aka laziness) but alas I was forced to create my own using a simple recipe. They baked up all hollow and pretty on their own! Like magic.

While cooling, I whipped up the filling and stored in the refrigerator for an hour. Then spooned the filling into the puff shells. One hour before serving, I stuck the puffs in the freezer so they would keep better at room tempature before being gobbled up.

::: lavender & lemon cream filling :::

// 8 oz cream cheese (softened)
// 1 cup powdered sugar
// zest of 1 lemon
// 2 tbsp lemon juice
// 1 1/2 tsp lavender budds (crushed)
// 1/2 container of cool whip
Combine all ingredients in a mixer except the cool whip, which you fold in gently.

Simple and simply delicious! Eliminate the baking puffs and you have one easy dessert that is crazy popular and unique.


lavender farm fieldtrip

I took a little fieldtrip this past weekend to Winding Brook Estate, a lavender farm.

The premise of the trip was to learn how to cook with lavender, which is a lot less intimidating than it sounds.  You can basically add the herb to literally anything, a sweet OR savory dish. Or infuse any liquid, like oil/milk/alcohol/honey. I sampled recipes ranging from lemon & lavender de creme to poached pear to lavender artichoke frittata.

Where are the images of rolling hills you say? Sadly the fields are not in bloom for another few weeks. Ah yes I was a bit disappointed. I did still enjoy learning about all the great lavender health benefits and uses (bug repellent, sleep aid, asthma, skin problems) and what a unique flavor it adds to all kinds of food. Will have to share my recipe attempts when I use it soon!

For more lavender fun, A Subtle Revery posted a few ideas, including a lavender lemonade martini recipe. As I learn more about this wholistic/natural super drug, I'll be sure to share with you.

Do any of you currently use lavender? I'd love to know why you love it!


front yard landscaping

64+ hours, 70+ plants, 90°+ weather, and one long weekend—I now have a yard I am proud of! My practically-professional-botantist mother came to visit me last weekend and we tackled THIS crazy monster.

Captured a few during pics, including our selection from the nursery (one of everything).

And of course the most rewarding part—the lovely after images!

Though a dramatic improvement, it still takes YEARS before the true after is visible. Plants are so very out of my comfort zone, but I will do my darndest to keep this little investment alive! Well, by little I mean about the price of one of these Coach purses. Thankfully I had a gracious friend that allowed me to borrow tools and take ground cover starters, which cut a lot of costs.

For those of you botany fans, the yard now has range of hydrangeas, salvia, hostas, boxwood, peonies and daylilies. And a plethora of other perennials. But no more yucca plants! I really love the retaining wall that will eventually have sedum bursting forth!

Price Breakdown: Plants $355 // Bricks/Rock $108 // Landscape Fabric $44 // Mulch $30 // Misc $15 // Total $552

Any landscaping ventures that you hope to do? Or fans of this attempt?


lovely bundle {fabric flowers}

These flowers are so pretty it hurts. I just love them and want to be surrounded at all times. Soak in the inspiration for your weekend.

Image Source: 1 Green Apple Photography (Gallery on Ruffled, via Pinterest) // 2 The Vamoose (via Oh, Hello Friend) // 3 Emici Bridal (via Pinterest) // 4 Emerson Made (via Ruffled) // 5 Buds and Blooms // 6 Photography by Our Labor of Love, Styled by Ashley Meaders (Gallery on Dolci Odille) //


embellish the front porch

Those sickly numbers needed to go the moment I moved in. I bought the slick numbers from a home improvement store months back, but was just able to get the pretty wood for mounting.

Next, I added a cluster of plants that I am hoping survive the summer. I must stop the cycle of buying plants just to kill them within months. They suck me in!

Lastly, I added this little guy! Picked up from a craft store last year, I now love him.

Has the spring weather inspired any of you to embellish your outdoors? Add your link in the comments if you've posted about it, I'd love to see!