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Entries in food (50)


peanut butter banana muffins

Eating this for breakfast right now. YUM.

After researching a number of recipes I landed on this one by Annie's Eats. Perfect amount of banana and peanut butter taste. They were just sweet enough, even though I'd substituted whole wheat flour.

I highly recommend you also try these delicious muffins. You won't be disappointed.


attempting to make jam

Anything can be salvaged with a little garlic + herb goat cheese. This is not a total failure.

Yesterday I attempted white grape jam. It came out as syrup—a predictable rookie mistake. I still might re-attempt to set it this weekend, but till then I'm enjoying on toast with herbed goat cheese (an idea I thought of after seeing Kara's Pin).

Since I documented my experience I still want to share. These grapes were a steal at the farmers market and a good excuse to give canning a whirl. Sidenote: Does anyone else shop at their market to get home and find a sticker from Brazil? URGH. Anywho, I followed this recipe by The 350 Degree Kitchen. The only thing I should have done is doubled the pectin (what makes jelly into jelly). Next time, I'll merge the recipe with what the box of pectin recommends to add for the amount of fruit I'm using.




How did that take four hours?! Ah, well. Add another notch to the life of a domestic housewife checklist.

I still argue this was not a failure, and if I can do it anyone can do it.


pumpkin spice latte cupcake, yes please!

I could not resist baking a batch of these cupcakes from Annie's Eats! And I could not resist showing them off in a most fitting cup (an idea from one of my facebook friends). These are the best tasting cupcakes I've ever made (thanks Annie!), although I did substitute coconut oil and then added vanilla (sorry Annie!).

Perfect fall fun!


lovely bundle {fresh fruit}

Hope you have a deliciously fresh weekend!

Image Sources: 1 Beth Stevens // 2 Aran Goyoaga // 3 Photo by Jessica Claire, Gallery on Style Me Pretty (via Pinterest) // 4 Rifle Paper Co (via Pinterest) // 5 Styled by Desiree Spinner Events, Photo by Dan Cutrona, Gallery on Inspired By This (via Pinterest) //


summer party suggestion

Two things I've really enjoyed recently and think you should try.

Arrange your flatware/napkin/drink all together for a grab & go solution. Not sure where I spotted this idea, but love it for all future summer gatherings.

Grill fruit. UM, perhaps I'm the last person on the planet to find out this is incredible. Either way I'm now obsessed. We simply cut up fresh pineapple, mango, and peaches then tossed them real quick in vanilla and cinnamon & sugar right before throwing them straight on the grill. Sure, you could get fancy and skewer them if you so choose.

To dress up the fruit even more, I baked oatmeal cookies and topped with vanilla ice cream. Oh, taste buds rejoice in this heavenly goodness!

Have any of you discovered new summer ideas that you don't know how you lived without? Do share.


lavender & lemon cream puffs

Back to regular blogging schedule *I think*. Coming at you today with a test recipe—lemon & lavender cream puffs—inspired by my field trip last week. Which I must say, these are DELICIOUS and not near as difficult to create as you might expect.

The lab rats for this experiment were my book club, and they didn't mind one bit. I nearly have them fooled that I am a baking goddess. A reputation I don't mind at all.

Had the pastry bakery been open, I would have gladly purchased the baked puffs to accomodate my low maintenance lifestyle (aka laziness) but alas I was forced to create my own using a simple recipe. They baked up all hollow and pretty on their own! Like magic.

While cooling, I whipped up the filling and stored in the refrigerator for an hour. Then spooned the filling into the puff shells. One hour before serving, I stuck the puffs in the freezer so they would keep better at room tempature before being gobbled up.

::: lavender & lemon cream filling :::

// 8 oz cream cheese (softened)
// 1 cup powdered sugar
// zest of 1 lemon
// 2 tbsp lemon juice
// 1 1/2 tsp lavender budds (crushed)
// 1/2 container of cool whip
Combine all ingredients in a mixer except the cool whip, which you fold in gently.

Simple and simply delicious! Eliminate the baking puffs and you have one easy dessert that is crazy popular and unique.


lovely bundle {summer bbq}

I think I'd be ok with going to a bbq every weekend from now through September. You know know what I wish my weekend plans were. How about you? Do you have some fun summer plans?

Image Sources: 1 Brent Couchman (via Pinterest) // 2 Ulrica Wihlborg (image gallery on Design*Sponge, via Pinterest) // 3 Miss Pickles Press (via Pinterest) // 4 Julie Mikos (image gallery on Style Me Pretty, via Pinterest) // 5 Erin Grace (via Pinterest) //


entre catering display

Time to share a fun client project with you! This past weekend was a display for another bridal expo booth. This time the clients were the chefs and food junkies of Entre - a company that currently specialize in secret underground dinners but are infiltrating the catering biz. *All St. Louis locals should check them out*

The goal was convey the message of fresh/local/quality and custom catering options. Three main ways used to convey this were images of past work (on a computer monitor not shown), yummy samples, and the vegetable bouquets. I absolutely loved arranging the bouquets—and smothering the table with lentils!

Overall a fun project - here's hoping it nets results.


easy cupcake color update

Ending the week with the simple idea of adding food coloring to update your cupcakes.

For a friends' birthday, I wanted to customize these cupcakes to be her favorite colors. I simply added yellow to strawberry cake batter and (insert ta da sound effect), orange cupcakes to the rescue. Perfect for planning parties where color matters...perhaps a certain football championship game at the end of this month.

Hope you have another great weekend! (one part productive and two parts rest)


cookie exchange freebies

Friday is for freebie download!

One thing that makes this season the best time of the year...cookie exhange parties! If you are lucky enough to attend one this year—make sure to print some little tags to dress up your yummies.

Click images above to download the pdf's. The recipe card is editable, so you can type in your recipe and print copies for everyone at party. {Simply delete text if you want to print blank} There are tags if you decide to vote on the best cookie, or if you want to give cookie cutter favors, and also a fun quote from Friends.

I hope you enjoy them! Any fun weekend plans? I am *almost* on the road for a weekend of shopping in Chicago and attending Renegade Craft Fair, woo woo! So exciting! Have a great one.