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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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fabric panel eye candy

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After my last project, I was floating around the web and found other great ideas continuing the same theme. LOVE how creative you can get with this concept of fabric wall panels. Framed patterns - mixing a collage of patterns - breaking up a single image - and layering framed objects over the fabric. So many possibilities!

Have a fantastic weekend all!


fabric panel wall decor

Easy. Changeable. Pretty!

This wall decor diy has been on my list for too long. My favorite part is that when I get tired of the fabric/palette, I can easily swap out with new fabric. Simple tutorial below:

Supplies: // Stretcher bars // fabric
Tools: // Staples // level // hammer & nails // yardstick

Super simple instructions, connect stretcher bars, cut fabric to size and then staple to the backside. The cost was more than I expected, being around $65 for bars and fabric. I used 16"x32" stretcher bars, which is a prominent size wall display.

The results are great and make a huge difference in the room by creating a visual focal point. What do you think? Any suggestions to make it better?


one bold surprise

An exciting post to share—and a needed craft related segue from all those travel pics! I hope you enjoy this welcome surprise of delightful images as much as I do, such a fun and bold twist on nursery decor.

Aren't they just completely adorable and crazy wild all at once?! I was SO impressed when this treasure landed in my inbox. And the creative genius to make it all look like each piece in the room was made for each other. Honestly, I might steal the painted frame idea, love it! Here are the juicy details from the lovely mom-to-be:

"Our baby room was inspired out of a desire for our baby’s gender to be a surprise!  We decided to go with very bright, bold colors that complemented each other and created a fun gender-friendly atmosphere. My husband and I are both creative people and we wanted our baby's room to be unique. Being on a tight budget, we had to get creative financially as well (which can end up being more fun sometimes because it’s stretches you outside the box!)

The walls are painted in two solid colors.  We used Valspar paint: Tangerine on two walls and Bayside on the other two. All the furniture is hand-me-down items that we refinished to create a matching set.  We sanded it all down and painted it white. Not only did we give the dressers a complete makeover, but we designed the knobs to match our baby bedding., as well as painted each drawer a different color inside! 

We chose Summersault Geo Brights crib bedding from Target as well as the matching valance for the window. We installed a new white ceiling fan, added two lamps, a lime green rug and made most of the wall décor. We got some felt, sewed together circles to accent the bedding and strung them on a rope with clothespins.  The frames above the crib are the very same frames we used at our wedding as décor, so it was really neat to turn around and use them for our baby's room 9 months later!  We slapped some color on them and it was the perfect finishing touch!  

It took my husband and I a solid month to paint and refinish the furniture. It was A LOT OF WORK, but it was fun and so worth it. We are exceedingly pleased with the results!"

Thanks so much to Robbie and Gina for sharing! Can't wait to meet this special delivery come December. Anyone else totally inspired? Mucho props for the two-going-on-three? Please do share!


sweet reward

How to cope with life back from vacation and missing my husband again—zucchini bread. While doing laundry and cleaning, why not throw in some baking for the all around domesic award? Sadly, it doesn't taste as good as I remember and baked goods never seem to turn out well in this oven.

Ah, well. It is the weekend. Any plans for fall activities? I'm needing motivation to catch up. This weekend I hope to carve pumpkins with the neighbor kids—should be enough drama to last me a while.


embroidery hoops display

My first attempt at embroidery! Sadly...this wall display is not for my home, but is a birthday gift for a friend (yay for her!). So much inspiration out there for using hoops as wall art. I really like the lace one I created. Might have to find a way to make them permanent in my home (*wink, wink).

Happy Weekend Friends!!! I'm still in the middle of nowhere WY, dreading the drive back to St. Louis. Any of you have fun plans for the Holiday?!



Handmade wedding gift + fabric + new frame = much better.

And I need your help for the next one.

I picked up this great glass plate/dish from a ReStore because it was cheap and awesome. It used to be a light fixture. But what should I put in it now??? Maybe finding some decor balls or something? I need your input/ideas/suggestions! Many thanks in advance for your help!


diy patio



This one is a doozy!  If we had known the amount of work, time, and money there might have been more discussion. ***Not a weekend project—Home Depot lies!*** We are more than happy we did it >> now that it's done!

Below is a simplified step by step of the process. For more detailed instructions I recommend this article, Pavestone, the people at Home Depot, and of course Google.

We started with a sick yard and my husband jack-hammered out the sidewalk.

Mark off the area and start digging. And dig. And dig. They call this excavation, I call this H E double hockey sticks.

Next is the paver base, which is small gravel. TIP: We wish we would have tried harder to get the dirt closer to level ground. Our yard was REALLY slanted and after the fact, we would still prefer to have bit the bullet and dug more dirt. So, add 3-5 inches of this gravel base and work towards the entire area being level. Then we rented a compactor to make sure there is little chance of uneven settling.

Sand time. Actually, I really enjoyed the tedious process of leveling the sand. I think it might be a second calling. Roles were reversed from earlier, as the hub hated this part. At one point we found cat prints in the sand, and wanted to hunt down and destroy the neighborhood feline.

More fun. Laying the stones. Oh, gratification! I absolutely love the pattern we chose. After the pattern is down, finishing sand is swept into the cracks and misted with water.

Add retaining wall (I still need to glue the capstones down). And then all done!

Here is where I WOULD gush and gush about how great Home Depot was, but they don't pay me to do that. We are planning to write in how exceptional the lawn/garden department was. From giving discounts to spending 30 min figuring out the stone pattern, they were just wonderful. Some things that went wrong on our end: math, rain, math, estimates, math, time, math, money, math.

Days 4+
Trips to Home Depot 15+
Square Feet 235
Money Spent $1,774
Enjoying Memorial Day BBQ with friends on new patio - Priceless

Budget Breakdown
Equipment Rental // $118
Base Layers // $410
Stones // $1,063
Tools // $56
Misc // $135
Tax // $123
Discounts/Coupons // -$131
TOTAL // $1,774

Total $ divided by sq ft = $7.50/sq ft. Not terrible. Yay for the gratification of DIY!


ga ga for cotton

Obsessed is probably more accurate. For cotton stalks. I searched every store and the entire world wide web. Loss of sleep I tell you. Oh, Joy posted this lovely wedding that has natural cotton everywhere. I love it. LOVE LOVE.

One completely average normal day—at the mall—there before my very eyes was the most amazing window display overflowing with bundles of cotton. After threats of violence and a donation to the store's sponsored charity, I came home with a box of nearly destroyed stalks. After hours and hours of painful cleaning and gluing, here is
my pride and joy.

Not to bad, eh? On to the next bedroom decor project.....


antique kitchen


My wall decor is always a work in progress, but at least the kitchen has a recognizable theme now. All the items are from flea markets and antique stores. For around $30, I think it adds some fun personality to the room. Any other cheap wall decor ideas?


spice it up

A little solution to the annoying problem of loose spices. The jars were a great buy from Ikea, and just needed a small touch to be completely lovable. The spice labels were from Amazon and include 87 different spices. Being round, the labels don't stick perfectly, but I still like them. It would also be super cute to make my own round labels for the lids.