This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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Entries in Inspiration (156)


lovely bundle {seafoam}

No reason for loving seafoam today. I just thought "oooo pretty!" and then made a collection for inspiration. I'm looking forward to catching up on cleaning and feeling organized. And then a superhero birthday party, haha. Anyone else have fun plans or lack of plans?

Here's wishing you a great weekend!

Image Sources: 1. Vapor.Qualquer // 2. SwitchEasy (via Going Home to Roost) // 3. Emma Case featured on 100 Layer Cake // 4. Golly Bard (via Creature Comforts) // 5. Walter Helena Photography //


relaxing on the east coast

Are vacations overwhelming to anyone else? It's like you sandwich "relaxing" between scrambling to get ready/work ahead and then again trying to catch up on work/house chores.

Regardless—I had a BLAST last week.

We chose to drive all night from St. Louis to Maryland (WHAT were we thinking?!). It's like I was in college (young and dumb). Somehow I recovered with only a 4 hour nap and then spent an incredible afternoon on the beach in Ocean City.

The main purpose of the trip was a wedding, which was simply lovely. Held at the Mount Airy Mansion, where George Washington's daughter was also married. The same boxwood bushes still guard the entrance. Crazy.

Another highlight of the trip was sailing in the Chesapeake Bay. I've never been on a sail boat and OH how relaxing and fun it was. I wouldn't mind making it a regular activity. We stopped by USNA in Annapolis and walked around the harbor. Then also spent a night out at the National Harbor with all the wedding attendees. So fun.

Hours spent with my love. Hours relaxing & enjoying life. Hours getting to know family.

Time well spent.

Do I have any DC area readers? Or East Coast fans? Hard to believe this summer is coming to an end soon!

All images via my instagram


notable: stealing hearts

Sometimes we are such fickle creatures, aren't we? Our hopes and fears swayed so easily. I love this delicate paper cut feather that is a truly fitting metaphor of our desires and how little in life we truly control.

Featured Artist: Stealing Heart (via Lushlee)


lovely bundle {hint of neon}

Quick! A neon post before this trend goes out of style (in case it's out as fast as it was in). I'm especially loving the neon dipped shoes!

Any fun weekend plans? I am in DC for a wedding and we are making the trip into a mini vacation. Hopefully some beach time included! Have a great one!

Image Sources: 1. Love Sexton // 2. Atlantic—Pacific (via Pinterest) // 3. Design Love Fest (via Pinterest) // 4. Ginette Lapalme (via Pinterest) // 5. Giuseppe Salerno (via Creature Comforts) //


notable: satchel & sage

Energy + Action + Purpose. Sounds like a winning combo to me! I'm actually a big fan of Morgana's work and own this iphone cover. Love.

Featured Artist: Satchel & Sage


lovely bundle {olympic games}

A little inspiration to usher in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games! Festivities begin 3pm CST. Do you have fun plans for this weekend? Are you planning any Olympic celebrations?

Enjoy your weekend!

Image Sources: 1. Mammoth & Company (via Pinterest) // 2. You Are My Fave // 3. Tinyme // 4. Edward McGowan (via Pinterest) // 5. You Are My Fave //


time for travel

Sitting in the airport about ready to board my flight. I went from a whirlwind of work projects and now on to a whirlwind of travel activities! Soooo excited to visit friends and see my family. And yes, enjoy a high school reunion. A fun weekend is in store, hoping yours is just as exciting!

Image Source: Janae Shields (via Style Me Pretty)


lovely bundle {book worm}

Mass confession—who is a book worm? *Hand raised* This week my book club celebrated our two-year anniversay. The combination of your own imagination and the talented work of a creative writer—it's an experience like nothing else on earth. An entire world all your own. And combine your own experience with that of very different minded women? Well you have a recipe for fun. One time we even had the author present at our gathering! I do truly love reading.

Do you have exciting weekend plans? I will be helping a friend move, working, and prepping for travel. Hopefully a little relaxing in their as well ;) Have a great one!

Image Sources: 1. Kimberly Blok // 2. Flourish Cafe // 3. Sandra Arduini // 4. La Bicicleta Vermella (via her Flikr) // 5. Dreamy Photo //


notable: the fresh exchange

"Do not wait to find yourself to create. Create and you will discover all you were meant to be." Lovely words to share with you today. Hope your Tuesday is going well!

Featured Artist: Megan from The Fresh Exchange


notable: erik marinovich

Needing some color and happiness? I am!

Featured Artist: Erik Marinovich for Friends of Type (via Pinterest)