This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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choose your corner…

We all know love is often a battlefield.

You take a big swing.

He counters you with a swift punch to the uterus.

Next thing you know…

Sweet victory.

Still so unreal. It just hasn't sunk in that we have a little surprise on the way. Blue or red? We won't know 'til April! So now is the time to place your bets and choose your corner! 

Photography by Dustin Davis


5 years

Happy Monday! This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Hard to believe.

And I finally had photographs printed. That's right. It took me FIVE YEARS to print my wedding photos. Which is a terrible shame, especially when I had a gorgeous album made by Priscilla Foster (the same year we married). Take a peek at her handmade books, they are incredible.

Awe to reminince on young love. It's a bit surreal, where sometimes I feel as though just a few months ago we said vows to one another—yet the last five years have also felt like most of my life. Crazy to think you could love someone more now than the day you said "I do". But it's true. His face is still my favorite face.


valentine feather tag {download}

I've got a little download to share with you today. Was itching to play with a little watercolor and figured a feather tag would do the trick.

Feel free to download these feather templates and create amazing Valentine's projects with them! Perhaps a "birds of a feather" gift...or maybe "you tickle my fancy" love note? Any other ideas on what to use them for???


neon valentine

Time for a great start to another week! We are heading into the season of love, so I've been working on a little project.

It's a fun collection of love notes for my shop! And I've made an option for customizing the poems/quotes and adding names/initials to the back page. Wouldn't they be so sweet scattered through out the house? Or tucked in places like a lunchbox...

I think I'm most obsessed with the mini binder clips I used on our Christmas cards. Too cute! And printing on chipboard—my latest design craze. But I also like the neon colors instead of the traditional Valentine reds/pinks. (So actually there is a lot I like about these). What do you like most? Any sweet Valentine ideas you've been tossing around for this year?


lovely bundle {st. patrick's day love}

To end the week, just a bit more Irish inspiration for you! And I also can't tell you how obsessed I am with this song by fun. Obsessed like back when you made an entire cd of the same song. Oh, jr. high memories.

Anyone have parade or party plans for tomorrow?! Regardless, have a lovely green weekend!

Psst, the LUCKY artwork is a free download!

Image Sources: 1. Jaros Designs (via Pinterest) // 2. Better Homes & Gardens (via Pinterest) // 3. The Crafting Chicks (via Pinterest) // 4. Eighteen25 (via Pinterest) // 5. Larissa Cleveland (via Style Me Pretty) // 6. Gracie Blue Photography (via Swoon!) //


a little something about love

Hello Monday and Friends!

How was your weekend? My Sunday was incredible and wonderfully refreshing. I took time to practice a little photography with this still life. I am incredibly insecure about my photography (lighting more accurately), and would like to NOT take 40 images for every 1 that I post here. Although I'd prefer to have a super-talented photographer stalk me 24/7, the realistic solution is to practice and get better, right?

Here's to a wonderful week, all!


lovely bundle {red velvet}

All these beautiful valentine food images are giving me the BIGGEST craving! This weekend may have to include a trip to the bakery for a gourmet cupcake.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Image Sources: 1 Delectable Deliciousness (via Pinterest) // 2 Sweetcakes Bakeshop (via Pinterest) // 3 Photography by Sewell Photography, featured on Style Me Pretty // 4 Evan's Kitchen Ramblings // 5 Duhlicious (via Pinterest) // 6 Photography by Gabriel Ryan, featured on Green Wedding Shoes (via Pinterest) //


lovely bundle {love letters}

Looking for this year's DIY round-up and they all happen to be love letters, with a few arrows thrown in.

Need more inspiration? I have last year's crafty Valentine round-up posts here and here.

Image Sources: 1 DIY by Amy Moss for Once Wed // 2 DIY by CAKE for One Charming Party // 3 DIY by Lovely Indeed for Sweetest Occasion // 4 Two Shades of Pink (via eighteen25) 5 The Dating Divas (via Sweetest Occasion) //


notable: the art of observation

Foraged for quotes today and nothing seemed fitting. Until I landed on Jane Austen.
Can't go wrong there.

Featured Artist: The Art of Observation


ruffled heart valentine diy

It's the pretty little things that get me. So I made a mini ruffled valentine.

Supplies // 1. Safety pin back, 2. Circle punch (1" shown), 3. Dull pencil, 4. Paper of your choice, chipboard or heavey cardstock

Tools // Scissors, Hot glue gun

Step 1: Punch out plenty of paper circles.

Step 2: Draw and cut out a heart from the chipboard.

Step 3: Using a dull pencil, scrunch the paper circles around the tip of the pencil.

Step 4: Once you have all the circles crinkled, start gluing to the chipboard heart. Start with the outside edge and go around the whole outside.

Step 5: Once you've bordered the heart, continue to fill in the center with glue and paper circles until the whole heart is covered in ruffles.

Step 6: Glue the pin back onto the reverse side of the chipboard heart.

Finish it up with a bit of flattering packaging and now you have a sweet accessory that will surely make someone smitten.