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selling flowers at the market

My goodness it's nice to post some real photos. Here's a glimpse of my May venture.

Gotta sneak in a before. That way the "afters" are more exciting.

Overall I'm not sure this was a profitable gig, BUT I did have fun being a part of the market community and more importantly I'll most likely get a few paid projects from the networking. So still a small success. Being self-employed, it's always a risk to take on new ventures and always always a learning curve.

It also doesn't hurt when a trendy girl exclaims, "This looks like the cover of Pinterest!" as she sees my table. I love myself a good ol' ego boost.

Have a great weekend everyone!


mason jar {polka dot} candle

This is a subtle and chic candle I made for Christmas gifts last December. Of course I created enough to have a leftover for myself (yay handmade gifts!). The idea started with this pin. I didn't like the idea of items IN the oil because they deteriorate, so I wanted to dress up the jar a bit. With dots.

To Make: Directions for glass etching polka dots can be found at How About Orange. Wicks can be purchased from Amazon, along with paraffin oil. I also added essential oil for scent, but I'm not sure the candle will actually give out odor. The candle may be just for looks and ambience (good enough for me!).


texas cotton in a mason jar

I was given a few unique gifts this year, and one of my favorites was so simple (yet sooo pretty!). I do love cotton and mason jars (with the potential to love TX), so I might have been an easy target. But to capture a memory or a location memento—brilliant!

With a little packaging to dress it up, you have yourself an easy, thoughtful gift.


mason jar sewing kit

Happy Wednesday (evening)...today was a small whirlwind it feels.

Now there are plenty of these on Pinterest, so I'm not claiming to be original (idea originated from Ms. Martha I do believe). But when I saw this at Anthropologie for a whopping $40-ish—I saw a challenge. And nothing on the web had a good source list, so today I give you one.

TIPS // Use wide mouth mason jars. A must because after glueing the pin cushion the lids don't fit well. Also, I bought these pin containers which don't fit. I followed the steps in the tutorial by Momstastic for the pin cushion lid. Use glue sparingly. Use glue sparingly. The last tip is to make multiple kits, because you'll have surplus supplies. I made 6 kits and used them as Christmas gifts for my crafty friends.

Now I have pretty shelf candy that is quasi functional. Actually, I even used some items for last weekend's craft. See! Great to grab for quick use.

::: Sewing Kit Total $13.99 (+ tax) :::


Mason Jars $1.57 ($10 for $9.44, Walmart)
Embroidery Scissors $3.99 (Fabric Store)
White Tape Measure $1.47 (Walmart)
Wood Spools $.66 (6 for $1.99, Hobby Lobby)
Thimbles $1.33 (10 for $7.99, Amazon)
Safety Pins $.50 (Pack for $2.99, Hobby Lobby)
Stick Pins $.83 (Pack for $4.99, Hobby Lobby)
Pin Containers $1.65 (Walgreens)
Sewing Needles $.23 (Pack for $1.37, Walmart)
Felt $.04 (1 sheet  for $.25, Hobby Lobby)
Sewing Thread $.72 (2 for $4.29, Walmart)
Buttons $1.00 (Various)
Pin Cushion Top (had on hand)