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Entries in maternity (35)


week 23 ::: grapefruit

Last week was fall, and this week is now clearly winter. Yet apparently nothing has changed in baby size, 11" & 1 lb. Which makes the carrot comparision even more confusing. Ah well! These light airy photos make me happy. As do skinny belts. 

Have a great week, friends!


week 22 ::: carrot

I expect everyone had a great holiday weekend! My weekly baby bump photo sports a carrot this week. The baby is measuring roughly 11" and weighing almost a pound. Over the long weekend, we started the project of my new basement office—which means hopefully I'll get to decorate a nursery in the near future!

This is a very good thing. And I hope everyone is ready for a steller (post-holiday) week!


week 21 ::: spaghetti squash

The bump may be noticeabe now! My little spaghetti squash (haha). And prenatal yoga is ahhhh-mazing. Not much else to report, other than I should definitely get to prepping on things like—the nursery. Long weekend ahead = perfect time to start. Enjoy your short work week!


long distance pregnancy announcement

For my parents, this will be their first grandchild and I wanted to tell them in a fun way. Because we live 1100 miles away, I was very limited when searching for ideas. Above was the idea I came up with—a calendar of birthdays, including the newest addition. This felt extra clever because my mom doesn't have the best track record for remembering birthdays AND it was baby animals. How fitting.

I had plastered the mail with "call me when you get this so I can explain". Though I didn't anticipate my mom looking through the calendar because the pics were cute! Despite figuring it out before we were on the phone, it was still a fun way to surprise her (and my dad a bit later).

She then confesses that she's been buying baby doll clothes for years. Probably safe to say she's rooting for a granddaughter.


week 20 ::: mango

Halfway whaaaa??!!!! Apparently I have been pregnant for 5 months...and hardly realized it. How can this be?! And those little movements I thought I was feeling, oh they are very much unmistakable. This little sprout feels like a gymnast in my lower belly. Starting to get excited that this is real!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty mild. Though my husband did break his nose Saturday during flag football. That thing called insurance, it came in super handy. Now looking forward to a mild week as well. Wishing you a great one!


spouse pregnancy announcement

While not the most elaborate surprise, this was a simple & sweet way to share the exciting news with my husband.

My husband left the house for a small errand (I may have manipulated him going/me staying). So I lined his return path leading up to the door and through the front of our house with washi tape "plus signs". He said his first thought was "my wife forgot to pick up another craft project" hahaha. ;)

The plus signs led to a small note. I hid behind a door and watched secretly.

His jaw dropped and I said "surprise!" and then we laughed and laughed. And laughed. For some reason it just felt too unbelievable!

He had actually been out of town an ENTIRE WEEK after I had taken a pregnancy test. I had to bury myself and ignore all people for a week! But it was perfect timing for him to be taking a man-cation. Since that might not happen again.

So that's my little story of sharing the biggest news in a small way. What about you, did you find a sweet way to share with your husband? 


week 19 ::: pomegranate

The weekly photos continue! Feeling a bit more this week like things are becoming noticeable. And maybe, just maybe, I can feel little movements. Or perhaps I'm only feeling indigestion.

I hope you had a great weekend! I've got a lovely wedding post in the works, hoping to share soon!


week 18 ::: onion

Anyone else loving the crisp fall weather? This week I had to get some of those lovely autumn colors in my weekly pregnancy photos. The bump is still not very noticable—to anyone other than my wardobe waistline.


week 17 ::: turnip

It is shocking to me that in a few short weeks I'll be halfway to meeting MY baby. A baby that is half me & half my husband. HOW is this possible?! And I do very much need to start tackling the before babe to do list.

Is everyone else super busy this time of year? Last week I worked on an amazing photoshoot, and this week I'll be decorating for a big gala event. Lots of fun in the works! (You can always follow my weekly adventures via my instagram)

Have a fantastic week, everyone!


week 16 ::: apple

A fine fall fruit for this week. I'll confess that I've already purchased a few maternity outfits. It sure didn't take long for me to feel incredibly uncomfortable in my current waistband. Ah well!