This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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neon surprise party ::: 30th birthday

Soooo one of my many flaws is good intentions combined with a bit of forgetfulness. Namely, not posting projects because I intend to submit them to other blogs someday...and then forget that was my plan.

I now present to you a party that was styled a while ago.

Remember these amazing party invitations I posted? (No, of course you don't because that was forever ago.)

Neon. Confetti. Subtle Mexican Fiesta nuance.

The food served was a nacho bar and a gorgeous chevron cake. Yum.


One of the activities was that each guest filled out a favorite memory with the birthday girl, totalling 30 envelopes of memories.

And a incredible, ginormous, teal, pentagon piñata. Full of more confetti!

And a paper chain photobooth backdrop with metallic balloons and playful props.

A mess to clean up means great times were had. Yay friend collaborations to celebrate a friend in style!

What do you think, is this a fun way to help a friend over the hill?

Photography by Chase Oros


neon valentine

Time for a great start to another week! We are heading into the season of love, so I've been working on a little project.

It's a fun collection of love notes for my shop! And I've made an option for customizing the poems/quotes and adding names/initials to the back page. Wouldn't they be so sweet scattered through out the house? Or tucked in places like a lunchbox...

I think I'm most obsessed with the mini binder clips I used on our Christmas cards. Too cute! And printing on chipboard—my latest design craze. But I also like the neon colors instead of the traditional Valentine reds/pinks. (So actually there is a lot I like about these). What do you like most? Any sweet Valentine ideas you've been tossing around for this year?


christmas card 2012

Christmas is almost here! Too late for sending out my Christmas card? I surely hope not (because I freaking love em). 

The card design/concept I found here by Amanda Jane Jones. Fell in love. So my husband and I recreated with a few tweaks. 

The photo concept was the creative (genius? folly?) of my husband. We even had to re-shoot because the first background wasn't "dilapidated enough". Silly perfectionist! But hey, it's hard to give up a dream when you have specific goal in mind. My favorite part is the tiny wreath in the lower left*.

Psst. You can view my 2010 Christmas card here (sadly 2011 was not photographed).

*Please know that I do NOT think it funny or clever that someone propbably lives here. Quite the opposite.


diy paper advent calendar

I hope you had an excellent holiday, the long weekend was incredible was it not?

So a very popular post from last year—this amazing paper Advent calendar—is now available to create your very own!

Because of popular demand, my friend Annie was willing to sell them in my Etsy shop. Now you can customize color paper to your liking, and even create multiples to give away!

Also, you can download one of the prints for FREE. But I'm sure you want the whole set... :)


inspiration archive // 13

Ran across the styling of Tina Hellberg and just loved her series of wallpaper displays. The arrangement is so great!

Hope you're week is going well!

Featured Lovely By: Tina Hellberg (photography by Magnus Anesund)


inspiration archive // 8

A pretty illustration for today. I love the gray letterpress. So perfect.

Featured Lovely By: Pearl Marmalade


notable: stealing hearts

Sometimes we are such fickle creatures, aren't we? Our hopes and fears swayed so easily. I love this delicate paper cut feather that is a truly fitting metaphor of our desires and how little in life we truly control.

Featured Artist: Stealing Heart (via Lushlee)


summer floral bouquet

Monday Greetings!

Sending you a sweet summer (virtual) bouquet to today. The top image is homework from a photography course I'm currently in the middle of taking. The purpose of that image/project is learning to add and subtract light in the photograph. I am pretty proud because there is NO cropping and NO photoshop involved here—a rarity on this blog. It was fun styling the flowers and don't you love that paper backdrop?

Well back to work—continuing my nonstop workaholism to get ready for vacation later this week! Hope you have a great start to your week!


lovely bundle {book worm}

Mass confession—who is a book worm? *Hand raised* This week my book club celebrated our two-year anniversay. The combination of your own imagination and the talented work of a creative writer—it's an experience like nothing else on earth. An entire world all your own. And combine your own experience with that of very different minded women? Well you have a recipe for fun. One time we even had the author present at our gathering! I do truly love reading.

Do you have exciting weekend plans? I will be helping a friend move, working, and prepping for travel. Hopefully a little relaxing in their as well ;) Have a great one!

Image Sources: 1. Kimberly Blok // 2. Flourish Cafe // 3. Sandra Arduini // 4. La Bicicleta Vermella (via her Flikr) // 5. Dreamy Photo //


patterned flower diy & a country wedding

July already!?!?

While I am currently exhausted and looking forward to a relaxed work week, that is no reason not share some lovely eye candy with you. Above is a gorgeous paper flower diy by Tie That Binds recently featured on Wedding Chicks. Long time readers may recognize these flowers from a past project I worked on (made from older sewing patterns). Well, Mekala wanted to use them all throughout this amazing wedding—for which nearly all event details she is responsible for bringing to life!

Anyone with an affinitey for barns and an Oregon backdrop can/must view all the images on Tie That Binds Blog.

Be sure to view the beautiful wedding on Wedding Chicks here and for the diy go here! And have an amazing week!

Image Credits: DIY flower images by Tie That Binds & wedding party image by Bryan Aulick