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Entries in party planning series (2)


party planning: bridal shower pt 2

Happy Monday! Today's post is continuing my party planning series with part 2 of throwing a bridal shower (see part 1 here). So much information to fit in, but I'll give a snippet of ideas for decor and games.

So a great simple & cheap big impact item is multiple streamers or bunting. Obviously, there are limiltless options in all varieties, and also in the amount of work in making them. The second big impact idea is a cluster of round objects. Paper poms, balloons or paper mache are just the surface of ideas for making clusters. I just love how they look! Especially to make a visual focal point around the food table. 

There are millions of decor possibilities, so I can only give a snapshot. I recommend searching Pinterest using keywords (like color/theme/etc). It's like the ultimate google image search for all things pretty—like this board by Brittany—such great decor inspiration. Also, here are a couple showers I ran across that used simple decor for an amazing result.

Vintage Garden ::: Lemon Loft

Activities are tricky for me, as I tend to enjoy simple relaxing and conversation. However, some activities do add a special touch in celebrating the bride and her new relationship status. Something that allows the group to learn more intimate details about the couple (ie first kiss/how they met). The bridal shower quiz, bingo or madlib are always straightforward and easy options.

My favorite shower activity idea is to have the group make individual items, ESPECIALLY if it corresponds with the theme of the shower. Some examples include making tea, wine charms, salt scrub, planting herbs, or even making fruit jam or a unique craft. Everyone has local vendors in their area to use as inspiration and generate ideas, like a fruit orchard or painting pottery. Not something you do every day, right? But still fun and enjoyable.

So there are some tips for you! Hopefully if you are in the market for planning a bridal shower, this post will be a good resource for you to bookmark.

For a comprehensive plan, be sure to read part 1.

Image Sources: 1 Oh, Hello Friend // 2 Jessica Claire (Gallery on Style Me Pretty, via Pinterest) // 3 Blue Eyed Yonder (via Pinterest) // 4 Sarah Yates (via Pinterest) // 6 Dave Richards Photography (via Inspired by This) // 7 Natalie Hunfalvay (via 100 Layer Cake) // All other images by me //


party planning: bridal shower pt 1

It's probably obvious that I'm still struggling to get out of my funk, and I truly appreciated your encouraging comments on Tuesday. Because I'm diving into a few random work projects, I'm lacking on purposeful blog posts. SO. Here is my latest idea. I've got a few parties on the horizon, so I thought it might be helpful to do a series of posts on ways to make an event special and cohesive. First on my timeline is a bridal shower, so today I give you my tips on planning an event for the bride-to-be.

Themes can be as simple as the bride's favorite color/wedding colors or as elaborate as this Knotted In Love theme—where every detail revolves around the theme. Factors that might help you determine a theme idea can be based around the location, hobbies of the bride, leftover party decor from another event, or a current trend like gingham or bunting. Even a few simple corresponding details make a theme apparent and really add a cohesive elegance to the shower.

A few beautiful themes that I love and are very well done.

::: Herb Garden ::: Geek Chic ::: Sweeter than Honey :::
::: Pancake Breakfast ::: Simple Romance :::

Food: One idea that makes party planning easier is to limit food by a theme. Examples include fondue, only sweets, all foods of the same color, different variation of cookies, etc. Personally, I think 2-4 different items/dishes is good range unless you have a team of people helping with food preparation.

Drinks: Having a drink that "matches" the theme of the party adds a really special touch and gives an overall classy feeling. Pink lemonade, cucumber water, a raspberry in the champagne glasses, Jones Soda...so many possibilities!

So hopefully this gives an organized starting point for planning a successful bridal shower. There are a few additional topics I will highlight in part 2.

Image Sources: 1 Justin & Mary Marantz (via Style Me Pretty) // 2 Billy's Bakery // 3 Chelsea Victoria (via Pinterest) // 4 Call Me Cupcake (via Pinterest) // All other images by me //