This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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choose your corner…

We all know love is often a battlefield.

You take a big swing.

He counters you with a swift punch to the uterus.

Next thing you know…

Sweet victory.

Still so unreal. It just hasn't sunk in that we have a little surprise on the way. Blue or red? We won't know 'til April! So now is the time to place your bets and choose your corner! 

Photography by Dustin Davis


fall farm wedding {part 2}

The fall wedding gorgeousness continues! After guests minglinged for the cocktail hour, they made their way down the hill to the ceremony location under this enormous elegant tree.

The tree itself has an incredible story, being struck by lightening and damaged so that half of it was laying completely horizontal. By some nature miracle, it was able to recover and appears unscathed. A somewhat decent metaphor for marriage, eh?

After the ceremony, the children were handed a farm map with a clue to their next adventure. Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt?!

Their hunt ends at the large wrap around porch, where guests are preparing to feast.

This porch had a "decent" view of the Mississippi river. No big deal. Also down by this view was a large bonfire and s'more bar.

The tables were covered with paper and we had written little love quotes scattered throughout at random.

While completely amazing up to this point, this wedding would not be complete without a pie buffet. A delicious one. All baked by friends and family.

What a day! I still have amazing memories of the fun we had, both with the small planning team that pulled everything together and celebrating the couple together. Sharing my creative skills with wonderful people that truly deserve celebration brings constant gratification to my life. Happy Anniversary Chris & Jen!

You can view part 1 of the wedding here.

All photography by Dustin Davis // Wedding location at Kuhs Estate and Farm // Styling, stationery, & flowers by me


fall farm wedding {part 1}

A few days ago was the anniversary of very good friends, whose wedding I had the privelege of styling. They were married on 9/10/11. Why am I just now showcasing? OH I suppose I originally wanted to submit it to large wedding blog...but like many things in my life, that only amounted to good intentions.

But ohhhh so fun to look back and remember what a FUN event this was.

The wedding took place at the most breathtaking location—in Spanish Lake, Missouri at Kuhs Estate and Farm. When guests arrived, they made their way to the barn for cocktail hour. This barn was a thrifters dream, stuffed full of antiques of all kinds.

And while the adults mingled, the kiddos could enterain themselves over at the mini petting zoo.

I credit this event to me falling in love with floral arranging. 

Such a beautiful couple! And you haven't even seen the wedding yet! On Monday, I'll post the rest of the photos from the ceremony and reception. Worth the wait. Promise.

All photography by Dustin Davis // Wedding location at Kuhs Estate and Farm // Styling, stationery, & flowers by me


5 years

Happy Monday! This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Hard to believe.

And I finally had photographs printed. That's right. It took me FIVE YEARS to print my wedding photos. Which is a terrible shame, especially when I had a gorgeous album made by Priscilla Foster (the same year we married). Take a peek at her handmade books, they are incredible.

Awe to reminince on young love. It's a bit surreal, where sometimes I feel as though just a few months ago we said vows to one another—yet the last five years have also felt like most of my life. Crazy to think you could love someone more now than the day you said "I do". But it's true. His face is still my favorite face.


back once again {and a portland itinerary}

It is not lost on me that my profession of "back to regularly scheduled blogging" has become a broken record. But here I am again with more instagram photos of my recent shenanigans. 

I just got home from a relatively unplanned road trip from Oklahoma City to Portland (that's a lot of driving, folks). My former college roommate needed a driving buddy to get from OK to the Northwest, and I just so happen to be the perfect travel companion.

Below are a few photos and also a great itinerary if you find yourself in Portland for a few days.

If you have two full days you won't regret these activities:

::: day one :::

- Start the day with a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts
- Next head on up to NW 23rd Street, where you can stroll along and visit all kinds of fun boutiques. We found some steal deals at Crossroads Trading Co. and you can grab lunch anywhere (we stopped at a McMenamins).
- Once you feel the drain of too much shopping, you are only a short drive to Powell's Books for relaxing read. If you're not shopped out yet, you are now conveniently located next to a few staples like West Elm and Jonathan Adler.
- For dinner, we headed over to the Alberta Arts District for some delicious tapas at Cruzroom. You won't be disappointed.

::: day two :::

- Start the day with a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts (haha kind of a joke...but kind of not)
- Our morning activity was a trip to peruse the Pittock Mansion. The amazing view of the city alone was worth it. The mansion was quaint and the grounds were a fun stroll too.
- Run into Bunk Sandwiches, grab a delious lunch and continue on to Mt Tabor Park for a picnic. (From Pittock to Mt Tabor takes you from one end of Portland to the other) Spend some time relaxing and conversating.
- Do not miss an afternoon stop at Salt & Straw. This ice cream is like no other, with seasonal rotations of sweetness.
- Another stop you must make is at Kennedy School. An elementary school converted to hotel/resturants/etc. I will make time to thoroughly explore this place again some day. So rad.
- Lastly, for dinner we ended the night at Tabor Tavern. It's a favorite of current resident/roomie, Mekala of Tie That Binds.

A busy few days but I loved ALL of it. Such a fun trip and I love my college roomies so much! Wish I could hang around those ladies more often! Anyone else have a favorite that I missed slash a must see for next time?!

All photos from my instagram, be sure to add @joyeverafter (me) to your feed! 


where has the time gone?

Last I knew—it was mid April, I was desperately awaiting spring weather, living in survival mode (potentially a bit depressed), uncertain of the future, and completely uninspired. Wow how life has changed.

May is nearly gone! I have 10 projects for the blog (that are only halfway done), life is running on full steam, the calendar is quickly filling up, my husband accepted a full time job (only temporary), and I'm scrambling to throw together a 30th birthday party for him. Sheesh!

Since I last posted, it's been mostly work, a little play, and LOTS of flowers. I've got 3 weeks of selling flowers at the Farmer's Market under my belt....oh, what a learning curve new projects are. Such is life!

Hoping to finish up those blog projects soon and get back to regular posting. How about you? Did life get crazy busy for you when the nice weather hit?

All photos from my instagram, be sure to add @joyeverafter (me) to your feed! 


inspiration comes from ::: the work of my hands

This blog has never been consistently stable for editorial content (like diy's and columns). It's never been all that great as a lifestyle blog either. I do not consider myself a writer, and much prefer looking at pretty photos to reading & writing. I've bounced around in my blog journey, unsure of my actual goals as a blogger.

Bluntly, this is my journal of life as a creative and my various projects. So I want to get down to brass tacks, and write a few posts about what motivates my heart from its very depths. Those small parts of life that truly cause a yearning to thrive from within, you know?

Every spring is a miracle to me. I chose to invest in my dirt because it was an eye sore. Little did I know that every year would emerge a new joy to wash over my soul.

Sickly winter twigs suddenly sprout the smallest beauty.

From rocks there arises new life. Like pure magic.

Each year I forget what to expect. You can find me outside just staring at the ground, waiting to catch a glimpse of something new. It's like the anticipation of Christmas, but completely different. Unexpected and faithful. Sporadic but sustained. A reflection of grace renewed.

Like any baker or builder, there is a mountain of gratification with a job well done. Do you have any insprirations that offer continual surprise?


welcome 2013

Mid January is when people recap their life talk & about their new year goals, right???

On top of life and put together is the story of my life....not so much. If I were to recap last year on Joy Ever After it would be a really short post—because I blogged maybe 6 months out of the year? It's like we're at that point in our relationship where we need to break up or tie the knot. Commit or move on.

Good thing deep down I DO love this relationship.

So here we go. Because my life feels a little complicated, my 2013 resolutions/goals/commitments are simple: Take Chances + Embrace Change.

This will be a challenge for me. I like being comfortable. Most people recap what they'd like to change—I recap that I DON'T want change. To be honest, I've avoided this "new year" post because last year was sooo comfortable. My freelance work flourished. My husband and I enjoyed living together, taking life pretty easy. We achieved many personal goals. We are part of an amazing community of friends and have a home that we love. Not much discontentment in 2012, and New Year's Eve didn't exactly bring excitment of great hope in 2013. Actually, I had a death in the family that night and spent early January surrounded by broken hearts.

And as I look to what this year will hold, I see a lot of change. A lot of risk. When life gets too comfortable, it's probably time for change. My husband and I will face decisions. Do we uproot this life we love? Do we exchange our freedom of comfort & ease to start a family? Do we dive in to a new job and a new community?

So here I am looking to a future of uncertainty and transitions. Leaving behind good things, in the hopes of greater things. Please stay with me to share this adventure.


in winter

The long weekend and chilly days have left me with feelings of nostalgia for winter. Especially winter with a snow that covers many trees.

What about you? Are you looking forward to the first snow or dreading it???


inspiration archive // 14

These images make me swoon! View the rest of the collection here. And these make me want to go take photos at a smiliar location in St. Louis. Now to find an excuse or a subject...

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