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super healthy ::: raspberries & chilled oatmeal

It is raspberry season people. And have been obsessed with this breakfast ALL WEEK. I normally don't even eat in the mornings. But this is sooo delicious, and you prepare it the night before so it's super easy in the morning. You can find the original recipe on Mint, by The Faux Martha. My favorite alteration is to use only the ingredients below:

Add almond milk and raw almond slivers (calcium and good fats) and this is a breakfast nutritionally outmatched only by eating raw vegetables (in my expert opinion!). This breakfast is packed full of health benefits including lowing cholesterol, strengthening immune system, lowers risk of type 2 diabetes, and fights cancer. We are talking loaded with fiber and antioxidants. I also like that it uses uncooked oatmeal, so it's technically/nearly raw (I think).

Anywho. Enough health rambling. I whole-heartedly recommend and know you won't be disappointed—or feeling hungry. YUM.


my first CSA & recipes

Another adventure I have been holding out on is participating in my first CSA.

Each week we get a "surprise" bundle of local fresh produce. It has been a bit of a challenge to find way of incorporating new-to-me produce. I'd never cooked with a turnip in my life. And I have no idea what many of the greens are, including the upper right bunch (help!). Most weeks I cut up all the greens and mix together to eat in salads all week, which is probably not the best way to eat exotic greens.

A collection of herbs each week. Basil, thyme, sage, and rosemary.

While it has been a bit of challenge to use up the food during a busy week, I am a fan of joining a CSA simply because it forces you incorporate/eat really healthy foods. I am probably not the only one who needs a extra accountability to eat a large amount of vegetables EVERY WEEK. Bonus that it supports the local economy (of course).

Don't forget to follow Kara and Erin (which I posted about here) if you need garden recipe ideas. And below are the recipes that I or a friend have tried and recommend:

Rainbow Chard Pesto

Sweet Potato & Turnip Mash with Sage Butter

Summer Vegetable Tian

Pasta with Kale & Walnut Pesto

Sweet Spicy Turnips 

Sweet & Tangy Sauteed Collard Greens

I'd love to know if you tried and loved a CSA? Or if you have any great seasonal recipes to try?!


easy homemade pickles

Hello! The latest homestead adventure—tasty pickles!

First let me introduce a little {slow food} inspiration, From The Garden And Farm. A blog series from local food delight-ees, Kara of Inspired Kara and Erin of Third Row Seat. They are growing & cooking up an abundance of delicious fresh food and have a great board of inspiration.

When you have an abundance of vegetation from the garden, you've gotta get creative. With an abundance of cucumbers (from a friends' garden), it was time to attempt pickles!

This was as easy as making any salad. You only need a large, clean jar and a few ingredients.

::: homemade pickles :::

3-4 cucumbers (sliced or whole)
1/4 sliced onion
1 garlic clove (slice or mash a bit)
handful of fresh dill
pinch of cracked pepper
1 tbsp sea salt
3 tsp honey
1 cup vinegar (any other than balsamic)
1 cup water

Place garlic, dill, and pepper in bottom of jar. Add the onion and as many cucumbers that will fit. (I added a pinch of dried dill because my herb garden dill is looking really sad after our heat wave). In a separate container mix salt, honey, vinegar, and water until dissolved. I heated this part to help dissolve the salt, but simply stirring works fine too. Pour into jar, topping with additional water if needed to cover cucumbers. Leave overnight and they are ready to eat! This recipe is really versatile and I think you can adapt to any ingredients you have on hand.

*Recipe adapted from this one featured on Rodale


july 4th bbq ::: frozen lemonade *sugar free

I love lemonade in the summer. But at the store when I checked for frozen lemonade, sadly there were slim pickings without corn syrup. This leaves one option—make my own. Recipe below!

::: honey herb lemonade :::

12 lemons or 2 cups of lemon juice
3/4 cup local honey
Handful fresh basil (or rosemary or favorite herb)
1 cup + 8 cups water

Make a simple syrup using 1 cup water and the honey. Combine in a small saucepan and bring to boil. Turn off heat and add the fresh herbs. Set aside while you prepare lemon juice and water. Combine both mixtures together (your preference whether to leave in herbs or not). Taste test to make sure it has your desired tart or sweetness!

Freeze in cupcake liners and definitely put them in the cupcake pan. I found these pretty liners at Hobby Lobby, and I think they might be made with wax paper. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a big bowl of ice with these set up for your July 4th BBQ!? Oh yes, indeed it would.

Recipe based of a printout from Honey.com


mini yogurt popsicles

One of my favorite trial runs for a recent bbq was making these mini popsicles with yogurt. Mix the simple ingredients using this recipe by Joylicious and plop into an ice cube tray. I also want to try variations like posted on Katie's Pencil Box. Deliciousness. And I love them being appetizer size for snacking without the commitment.


underground dinner in feast magazine

It is nearly MAY. How does this happen? So much to tell you...let's see. Sorry to drop off the planet last week! It was a I-can-hardly-catch-my-breath-life-is-going-in-too-many-directions kind of week. The green smoothie challenge turned out fine, and it IS true. After the three days of misery it was a cake walk. Six full days of fresh veggies and fruits. NOW...

on to the post feature: an underground dinner experience in FEAST magazine.

Local winery. Local chef. Local magazine. Splendid evening.

Remember this catering display I worked on a while back? Well, I was able to attend an incredible event by the same caterers, entre, and even more exciting—the evening is the feature article in a local magazine, FEAST.

Quick details about the event. Entre Underground is a monthly event where the menu and location are kept secret until the day of. My husband and I wanted to participate and we decided to jump at the chance for the overnight experience (knowing it included a bed & breakfast). We were given directions to Hermannhof Vineyards and packed our bags!

To begin the evening we checked into our AMAZING hillside cottage overlooking the Missouri River. From there we headed to the newly remodeled vineyard grainery to munch on hors d'oeuvres and wine. Then made our way over the the 150-year-old, stone-carved caves of the winery cellar for a five-course candlelit dinner. Just remembering makes me feel so dreamy! The relaxing continued into the morning with breakfast, followed by a lazy drive back to St. Louis through many of the small winery towns on a drizzly Sunday.

Everything a getaway should be.

For the full article and menu visit here and to view more images of the event go here.

All photography by Jennifer Silverberg for FEAST magazine. (Center images of the magazine spread by me)


day three of misery {green smoothie week}

A little delayed on creative projects, so instead I give you my current misery: a week of green smoothies. By week I actually mean 5 full days and I'm not sure I'll make it. Hunger is SO debilitating for me! At this point (day 3—supposedly the worst day), I can't remember why I am doing this or for that matter why anyone does this. Morning aren't bad but afternoon and evenings I am a complete wreck.

A few resources I've found helpful:
5 Day Green Smoothie Challenge (for breakfast) by A Beautiful Mess
With Style & Grace (my favorite juicer/health nerd, including this pumpkin smoothie)

Any of you tried the craziness of quasi-fasting? Any other tips. Perhaps it's easier if you don't work from home—where the kitchen is taunting you 24/7?


a few easter goodies

Two projects from last year that may help with ideas for next week, the Easter Peeps download and an Easter Brunch Party. Anyone already planning out ideas for the holiday?

Happy Wednesday, folks!


pot o'gold rainbow cupcakes

Just a wee bit delayed on this weeks post! Gearing up for this weekends celebration with a pre-party last night, and wanted to go all out with these pretty cupcakes!

These were no small feat, even though I used a box mix. But every once in a while it's worth it to go all out, right? The buttercream frosting even has a layer of gold shimmer (sigh). Deep down I might believe these are too pretty to eat...


almost time for irish cream & cupcakes

And another week begins. It sure feels like the year is going fast, which bring us to...

These are two March favorites of mine. The Irish cream recipe can be found in this post, and I posted about the Guinness cupcakes here (from Big City, Little Kitchen).

Getting ready for the season full o'luck!