This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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Entries in styling (51)


color styling {black & teal}

Happy Monday!

Had a fun time with my new teal crate/cooler that I picked up at this weekends' flea market. So much fun it is included in half these selected images. I plan to do three more sets of photographs for this styling series. So now I need ideas for inspiration. Any ideas for which colors to highlight next???


color styling {white on white}

Working on this week's post for my styling series was a struggle—the sun did not want to cooperate. A few of the images still managed to survive though.


color styling {lemon & gold}

Taking last week off from my styling series did a world of good I feel. This set felt a little fresher, or more natural for me, not that I felt completely burnt out. Small breaks just do more good than we give them credit for.

Can you believe it is May already? How does time feel so fast and so slow at the same time?!


color styling {chocolate & beige}

This week begins with some chocolate & beige images, continuing my styling series. Each week I feel my prop supply dwindling, I think this is a good excuse for a trip to the flea market. Have a great week, friends!


color styling {loving green}

I think it's a little to obvious that I'm on a green kick. Either way I thought it made for more fun images to continue my styling series.

A great week is in store people!


color styling {gray & textures}

Happy Monday! It seems each week is a new set of challenges with my styling series. Since the magnolias are almost gone I didn't want to miss the opportunity to use them as props. I intended to style with grays, but soon realized I don't own many gray props despite it being half my wardrobe. Even though I took almost 400 photos, I only felt 6 were interesting enough. But I enjoy these six!

Also wanted to add that I'm completely enamored by this series, styled by Janne Peters and photographed by Maria Grossmann. Obviously, I was influenced by the gritty concrete contrasting the delicate flowers and wanted to create similar environments—although Janne's are clearly 100x more amazing.


stunning ezine *styled*

You must check out this crazy pretty magazine. Victoria of A Subtle Revelry pulled together an amazing team to create some amazing eye candy for us all—with entertaining tips, diy's, and shopping ideas.

And to make this even better, she featured my cookie downloads link! So flattered! It's listed under "100 Reasons to Celebrate". Super fun. I don't know about you, but I plan to celebrate. Thanks so much, Victoria!

First Image: Photography by Carly Taylor, Styled by Victoria Hudgins


color styling {orangey red}

Continuing my Monday series, with a more difficult color this week—orangey red. I'm not sure if it was a lack of props or a lack of passion for the color, but I think the extra challenge is a good thing!

Have a great week, friends!


entre catering display

Time to share a fun client project with you! This past weekend was a display for another bridal expo booth. This time the clients were the chefs and food junkies of Entre - a company that currently specialize in secret underground dinners but are infiltrating the catering biz. *All St. Louis locals should check them out*

The goal was convey the message of fresh/local/quality and custom catering options. Three main ways used to convey this were images of past work (on a computer monitor not shown), yummy samples, and the vegetable bouquets. I absolutely loved arranging the bouquets—and smothering the table with lentils!

Overall a fun project - here's hoping it nets results.


color styling {aqua and teal}

Happy Monday! Here's to the beginning of a GREAT week. Starting today off with the second in my latest series—and it just so happens to be my favorite color.