This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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color styling {creams and ivory}

It's a new day, friends! Today I'm beginning a new project series—prop styling using various tone-on-tone colors. While slightly random, the project is meant for practice in styling and photography. Below is my first go, using creams and ivory. This project will continue on Mondays until we all get tired of it (so speak up).

Now you know how I spent my Sunday. If you enjoy perusing color theory be sure to check out my idol color stylist, Leslie at A Creative Mint. Anyone else working on a project for personal growth? Especially one that has no other purpose beyond skill refining?

Cheers to a great week!


bridal expo styling {part two}

Back again with more photos from the weekend expo.

Such a blast working with Tie That Binds, and I hope all the hard work pays off. My favorite details of the display are the back wall, the flowers made from vintage sewing patterns, and the beautiful ruffled table runner. Everything from the chandeliers to the paper displays works so well together, any bride should be thrilled to have these custom details incorporated into her wedding. Any details stand out that you love?


bridal expo styling {part one}

Please allow me to show you what has been consuming the last 3.5 days of my life.

This expo booth display was a collaboration with Mekala of Tie That Binds, who offers custom wedding stationery and products. Wanting to market locally, she opted for a bridal expo in Louisville, KY. Because of my experience in set design and retail space, she graciously let me interject my opinions. And being that I LOVE STYLING THIS STUFF, I was more than happy to participate.

We starting working together early November on ideas for the space, and we both LOVED how it turned out. Not gonna lie, it was by far the most elegant/elaborate of the 200 booths (slightly biased). To learn more about Tie That Binds, visit her website, blog, etsy, or my previous post.

Will share even more image details on Wednesday!


holiday styling

Another fun project to share with you. I styled the Christmas decor for the counseling center at my church, and the details came together so well. Take a look!

The tree needs a bit of explanation. I saw this blessing tree from Jeanne Winters, and loved the idea. The waiting room environment was a perfect candidate to house the tree.

Basically there are paper tag ornaments with blessings like "peace, laughter, grace, etc" for visitors to either take or just read a few. The goal is to give lots of warm fuzzies, and a few smiles.

So there you have it! Using cheap items like old books, fabric, and pinecones, all the decor was around $60 (excluding the tree). Perhaps it is obvious that I had free rein, as everything looks real similar to my holiday home decor. *Apparently my personal taste trumps all when there are no boundaries.*


sweet reward

How to cope with life back from vacation and missing my husband again—zucchini bread. While doing laundry and cleaning, why not throw in some baking for the all around domesic award? Sadly, it doesn't taste as good as I remember and baked goods never seem to turn out well in this oven.

Ah, well. It is the weekend. Any plans for fall activities? I'm needing motivation to catch up. This weekend I hope to carve pumpkins with the neighbor kids—should be enough drama to last me a while.


leaving on a jet plane


crafting goddess

Please drool over the work of Ashley Meaders with me.

You may recognize some images from her pancake breakfast or popsicle picnic features on Design*Sponge. I can't even tell you how far my jaw dropped when I realized this was all done by the same person! Could the talent be laid on any thicker??? If only it was possible to steal a creative crumb or two!

Head over to her site for even more inspirational lovliness. Now I MUST mop up this drool spot before I pack up and hit the road, er....air.


aqua fabric flower

Just a pretty flower that I made from this tutorial by A Field Journal. Now to find a place for this lovely thing...

I hope you have a lovely Monday!

P.S. *Don't forget to comment on Friday's giveaway! LAST CHANCE PEOPLE!*


patriotic shortcake

Please let me share my hopes and dreams (in the form of styling this photo shoot).

Photo Info > Strawberry shortcake, showcased red white & blue. BTW, this recipe for lemon shortcake is AH-mazing. Pinwheel drink stirrer DIY coming Wednesday.

Rambling > This is what I want to be when I grow up (or do, I suppose). Yes, I just threw this together for no reason other than the fact that someday I want to earn a living styling photos. I love it. SO MUCH. Coming up on six months of having this blog, I hit a small identity crisis of "what I am I doing with my life?" What steps should I take? How do I map this out? What is the means to this end? This blog is a tool, but am I using it the right way? So many questions that will go unanswered. Creative lives have to be individually explored one step at a time—with no instruction manual—and outside the box. If anyone has direction or a word, please drop me a hint. That's all. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my mini crisis.


patriotic preview

I threw together a fun weekend photo shoot. The rest of the photos showcase Monday. Don't miss it!

Any weekend projects you plan to tackle? Holiday planning perhaps?