This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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bridal expo styling {part one}

Please allow me to show you what has been consuming the last 3.5 days of my life.

This expo booth display was a collaboration with Mekala of Tie That Binds, who offers custom wedding stationery and products. Wanting to market locally, she opted for a bridal expo in Louisville, KY. Because of my experience in set design and retail space, she graciously let me interject my opinions. And being that I LOVE STYLING THIS STUFF, I was more than happy to participate.

We starting working together early November on ideas for the space, and we both LOVED how it turned out. Not gonna lie, it was by far the most elegant/elaborate of the 200 booths (slightly biased). To learn more about Tie That Binds, visit her website, blog, etsy, or my previous post.

Will share even more image details on Wednesday!


mod love story

Excited to share a recent project, these simple & modern wedding programs that were designed around the couples' love story. All photographs courtesy of the talented Kelly of Relic Photography, located in St. Louis.

Their story is very much like chapters in a book, and that theme is carried throughout the entire wedding. Here is a snippet of how their invitation was worded.

"Once upon a time Brad + Julie went on a date to a beautiful garden. They fell in love. One year later in that same garden, Brad asked Julie to be his lovely wife. Together with their families they go back to the botanical gardens for the celebration of their marriage and the beginning of a new chapter in their story together."

Isn't that just the sweetest!? And even more amazing, they planned their wedding in 40 days! Ah, I just love love stories. Thanks again to Julie and Relic for letting me share.



registries are boring

Bridal registries are great for the couple, sure...but completely lame to give as a gift. Opening a present to find a pizza stone or set of spoons is slightly dull to say the least. The giftcard offers an easy alternative, but again, slightly dull.

May I suggest my recent gifting upgrades? Pairing the registered cookbook with fun pasta or pairing those crystal wine glasses with a local/favorite wine.

Gifts go from impersonal to personal, from lame to totally game. Still the best of both worlds, what they want plus a small surprise! This also allows for a lot of play when the budget is tight. A $15 toaster is not so cheap when paired with some homemade jams, and no one knows your favorite wine is $5 a bottle. Here is a quick list of pairing ideas:

Cookbook > pasta/sauce, or another relevant nonperishable
Wine glasses > wine
Toaster > homemade jam
Coffee pot > your favorite coffee beans
Beer/Margarita glasses > local beer or tequila
Cookie sheets > your favorite cookies or recipe
Tiered serving tray > various candies and snacks
Cloth napkins > napkin rings
Tea kettle > favorite tea
Bath towels > favorite hand soap


two incredible years

Tomorrow is an exciting day for myself (and my hub), our two year anniversary. Two is "past the newlywed stage" and on to the "semi-experienced we know what we're doing in marriage stage." Shoot we could start charging for couples counseling now. And what is a blogger to do on her anniversary—show her wedding photos by all means.

It's kind of fun to remember and look at photos again. I'm so unbelievably thankful that I get to spend my life on earth with this man! Love you so much, T!

The mushy-mush continues Wednesday! I will post the anniversary gift I put together.


paisley sunlight

The morning sunlight was to tempting not to practice some experimental photography. And what better subject than a Liberty of London Chemise? Such a pretty bachelorette gift in my opinion. Can't get enough.

Other sexy sleepwear I've seen floating around the blogs:
// Clare Bare // Alexandra Grecco // Fortnight // Hopeless //

Any other favorite places to shop? Perhaps a bit more practical pricing?


a day in june

Specifically, a day that witnessed the commitment of two amazing people.
And my oh my…what a beautiful day!

The couples' love story was woven into every DIY detail, and was absolutely breathtaking. This is only a snippet of the wedding that I was able to capture. The cakes were UNbelievable. Hopefully the pro photos will be available soon. If you remember, it is the bride from this shower. So pretty. I can't get over it.


birdies and gingham {one}

Time to show you what I've been working on for months! All photography is by Amy of Shutterly Lovely. She did an AMAZING job, I just love the photos. My friends helped A LOT on many of the details, so I don't want to take all the credit. I couldn't have done it without them.

The bridal shower was held on the patio of a small coffee shop called Cafe Ventana. It rained nearly the entire time, but we were sheltered luckily. Centerpieces were squares of cut fabric, birdie name tag favors, and mason jars with coffee beans and daisies. For the guestbook, I had guests bring marriage advice on a notecard and tape it into a vintage book I picked up. The book is actually German text, which is probably better since the point is not to read it! For the shower game, I replicated this adorable quiz, (which was inspired by this). It was my favorite part, the couples' answers were SO GREAT and everyone loved the game. For prizes, the winners could choose a vintage coffee mug.

More details and images later today, don't miss it!


birdies and gingham {two}

More bridal shower fun:

For drinks we had blueberry lemonade, and of course, warm coffee from the cafe. The yummy nest/egg cupcakes were made by another co-host. The last image is of the lovely bride to be. All photography by Shutterly Lovely. Here is a list of tutorials to wrap it up:

Inspiration Board

Fancy Initials

Pom Pom Garland

Shower Prize



If you haven't heard, this week is letterpress week on oh, hello friend.
Great prizes and interviews on all things letterpress, so don't miss out.

Letterpress lessons were my first wedding anniversary gift {paper=so sweet!}, so I have been dabbling for only a few months. All of my work is done at a cooperative print shop called All Along Press. Yesterday I completed a project and wanted to share my simple explanation of letterpress.

This is a Kelsey tabletop press. In my words, an easy-to-learn-not-scary press.
The giant ones that have a thousand levers are MUCH to intimidating to me.

A custom plate makes letterpress easy peasy. Typesetting is the complicated-super-difficult-time-consuming part of letterpress. Being a slacker, I chose the easy route.

Mix up the ink. {paint is for painters, ink is for printers}

Or in my slacker case, just use black straight out of the can and ink up the roller/press.

Align paper. Test impressions. Make adjustments. Print like a crazy person.

This was WAY over-simplified—so don't fret that you paid a mere $3G for your wedding invitations.

Lastly, take great product photos and add to your shop. I want to do a simple step-by-step of how I style my photos, but this post is to long already. Soon my friends. Very soon.


fancy initials tutorial

This diy was absolutely inspired by this tutorial. I wanted pretty type to incorporate into the bridal shower, so here is the result:

Here is the tutorial:

Tools: Ruler, needle/thread, scissors, mod podge, hot glue, acrylic paint, brushes, and x-acto knife.

Supplies: 3D letters and ampersand, mine were purchased from Hobby Lobby; fabric made into flowers (there are millions of flower tutorials on Google and I used variations of this, this, and this).

Key tip: because the & was a different size/font, I needed to make it VERY different in order to pull off the look. To accomplish this I painted the edges that wouldn't be covered by fabric. Either mix (or buy) the acrylic paint to match the fabric. An easier option would be to just paint the entire &, and skip the fabric.

Be sure to put down some wax paper for the mess!

While the paint is drying, hot glue the flowers onto the letters.

Next, cover the back of the & with mod podge. No reason to skimp with the glue.

After I put the fabric on—I painted glue around the sides on the bottom, and then completely covered the fabric on top. This makes it easier for trimming the excess fabric after the glue has dried. To trim, mostly I used scissors and then the x-acto for the difficult areas. Repeat on the front: glue, fabric, glue, dry, trim and voila!

What do you think? Hopefully this isn't a completely scattered tutorial. My cooking is worse, I never follow instuctions and then I can't remember how to repeat the recipe, eek! If there any questions I'm more than happy to give advice.

Have a completely amazing weekend!